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Let us build your organisation an app so you can own, enhance & commercialise your members engagement


Why Powered By Padoq?

Organisations can save significant time & development costs through having an app built on the Padoq infrastructure

Own Your Audience

Spend less time and money building social followings, focusing on building an audience you own. Engage & monetise this audience.

Digital Chassis

Integrate your existing functionality or build new functions that allow you to develop additional revenue opportunities from your audience.

Evergreen App

Remove significant costs around app build, maintenance and support, whilst sitting on world-class scalable infrastructure.


We can customise your app to match the requirements of your organisation

Property / Landlords

  • Engage & build a community of tenants
  • Set up & collect rent from tenants
  • Easy reporting of issues / problems


  • Facilitate & control stakeholder engagement
  • Reduce data security risks around sensitive information
  • Promote brand loyalty internally

Media / Publisher

  • Reduce costs around engagement
  • Build loyalty with your fans
  • Monetise your members through events / sales


  • Collect donations centrally
  • Quickly report & collect Gift Aid
  • Engage & keep donors up to date with progress.


  • Gain true data ownership of your audience
  • Establish brand identity through your own app
  • Monetise your follower’s engagement through advertising


  • Engage with parents effectively
  • Manage calendars & reports
  • Collect payments & permissions for trips

How We Work


Book an Initial Consultation

This will involve a member of the Padoq team discussing your organisation & running you through the possibilities of using a ‘Powered By Padoq’ app.


Design Phase

We will work with you to fit your organisation’s needs into the Padoq platform structure, before assessing any additional bespoke functionality that is required. You will see full designs before sign-off.


Pricing Model

Choose whether you would like to pay for your app through a monthly license fee, or through allowing us to serve adverts to your members (with us splitting profits with you after covering our costs).


Go Live

Within weeks you can have your app live on the iOS and Android app stores.

Contact Form

Fill in the contact form below. A member of our sales team will be in touch.

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