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secure engagement & collaboration

We build workforce engagement apps that simplify interactions between you and your colleagues. The added security protection of the Padoq platform reduces the risk of data insecurity and IP loss that commonly occurs through the use of multiple 3rd party software. So, whether you’re looking at our standard suite of functionality for communication and collaboration, or for a solution that integrates with your existing systems; Padoq can build you a secure, tested, and scalable workforce engagement app that can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

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improve employee motivation through effective communication

Good communication empowers employees, strengthens relationships, and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Apps enable real time communication ensuring that stakeholders have instant access to vital and clear information: creating a positive work environment.

Strong communication and working relationships help employee productivity and supports staff motivation.


positively impact employee wellbeing

Poor mental health costs employers between £33billion and £42billion a year.

Having the medium to check on employee welfare and ensure that they feel connected has never been more important.

60% of employees say that they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their company if their employer supported mental health and wellbeing.

A tool to monitor employee feedback is an effective commitment to CSR.

boost employee satisfaction 

Whilst continuous and unrestricted access to information improves motivation and efficiency, facilities that enable employees to collaborate and offer feedback improves employee morale.

The sharing of company achievements and employee recognition will increase your employee satisfaction score.

retain valuable team members

One of the largest factors influencing retention is communication. 

It goes without saying that increased motivation, wellbeing, and job satisfaction are likely to improve employee retention scores.

Did you know that effective communication cuts employee turnover by half.

Global employee communications solutions


  • New York Stock Exchange listed Environmental Services Business
  • Using the Padoq platform to run their Internal Communications Solution for 30,000 employees across the globe
  • Delivering critical safety-messaging to industrial sites
  • Engaging deskless workers with company news and events at a global and local level
  • Back-office solutions provide a consistent tool across territories, for messaging, notifications, event management.