10 Reasons Why You Should Join A University Padoq

university padoq


Congratulations! Your A-levels are in the bag and it’s finally time to pack up and head off to university. Though it’s an incredibly exciting time for most, many students worry about settling in their new home. By joining your university’s padoq, you can chat with your flatmates, find people on your course, check out freshers events, and so much more before you’ve even enrolled. Here’s how to get the most out of your university padoq.

1. Get To Know Your Flatmates

In a few weeks time, you’ll be living with complete strangers. Scary, right? It doesn’t have to be though. At the end of the day, you’re all in the same boat and you may as well get to know each other on Padoq before the stress of moving in takes over. Once you’ve been given the details of your accommodation, head to your university’s padoq and create a post to find your flatmates. You can then form a group chat to break the ice with your neighbours.

2. Find Your Course Mates

It’s always nice to find a familiar face in the classroom. Before your first lecture, it’s definitely worth trying to find your classmates on Padoq. See if there’s a padoq that exists for your course, and if there isn’t, it’s really quick and easy to make one. With the option to throw polls, share files, and create private chats, you’ll have found your best course mate in no time.

3. View Freshers Events

Freshers is a great way to meet like-minded people at university. Whether you’re wanting to join a society or are just there for the freebies, knowing what’s going on in advance is always a good advantage. Head to the calendar on your university’s padoq to see every upcoming event. From here, you can respond to any invites which will then be pinned to your personal Padoq calendar as a handy reminder.

4. Check Out The Societies

There are so many weird and wonderful university societies out there that it will be a tough decision to make. From Game Of Thrones to Extreme Ironing, there truly is a society for everyone. Take a look around on Padoq to find and join the society for you. This way, you can discover who is already part of the club and what they get up to each week.

5. Access Student Discounts

Still haven’t got all the essentials? With Padoq, you can access exclusive student discounts chosen by the owner. With everything from stationary deals to money off your first takeaway in halls, it’s worth checking out the offers in your university padoq.

6. Learn More About Your New Home

Moving to a new place and leaving everything you know behind can be a pretty daunting feat. However, it can soon become an adventure when you discover everything your new home has to offer. Make a post to see if any of the local students can recommend a selection of restaurants, clubs, and things to do to put your mind at ease.

7. Note Down Important Dates

Known for your forgetful nature? With Padoq, you can access all of your upcoming events in the personal calendar. But if that isn’t quite enough, you can even leave yourself notes and reminders about move-in day, freshers, your accommodation, and any other important details. Once you’ve completed your note or reminder, you can find it on your corkboard.

8. Talk To University Alumni

The students that have already graduated and got the T-shirt are probably the best point of call when it comes to seeking advice. If you have any burning questions, the student ambassadors within your university padoq will be more than happy to help, providing useful contact details and directions if you’re feeling a little lost.

9. Access Your Timetable

Once you’ve picked your modules you can start planning out your first week at university. Your lecturer can provide a link to your timetable and assignments in padoq so that you have a better idea of your schedule for the next year.

10. Get Started On Your Reading List

Eager to get started? Head to Padoq to find the reading list for your course. Your assignments will soon catch up with you so it’s best to head to your first lecture prepared. There might even be some past students selling textbooks they no longer need, so get in there as soon as possible for the best deal.

Feeling better about heading to university in September? Download Padoq today to find your university community.

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