why padoq?

There are innumerable benefits to choosing Padoq to develop your app. Read below to find out how Padoq can add value to your organisation or community.

we spend 16 times
longer engaged with a
mobile app than we do
with mobile websites

no code

Support your native iOS and Android apps with an Enterprise-Grade web platform that covers all the functionality of your apps. In addition, gain access to an admin dashboard for managing users and gaining product insight.

no hidden costs

We won’t surprise you with fees to update your app every time a new operating system or phone is released. Launched off an evolving single code base, all Padoq apps are continually maintained and supported as part of the licence fee.

you have great ideas,
Padoq provides you with an
intelligent and engaging tool
to transform them into a
successful reality.

no fuss

The Padoq platform consists of pre-built components ensuring you gain access to a highly functional, robust product, with a much shorter lead time than building it from scratch.

built to connect

Padoq can connect to your existing systems and processes, ensuring that do not have to completely overhaul your business to deliver a slick product to engage with your stakeholders. Learn more.

organisations can save
significant time & development
costs through having an app built
on the Padoq infrastructure

own your audience

As an app owner, you take the position of data controller, giving you control and access to the user base you built – no longer relying on 3rd party platforms for engagement and interaction


We remove the technical barriers around getting a great app up and running

dynamic functionality for flexible engagement

We don’t just build beautiful apps, we offer solutions to operational and engagement problems. Whether you’re joining the mobile app revolution, want to unify your comms or need a new channel for community engagement, Padoq can help you achieve that.

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Increased User Engagement
  • Financial Savings Up Front & Ongoing
  • Facilitated Service Interactions
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Scalability at Own Pace
  • Centralised Content Creation & Publication
  • Flexible User Access
  • New Commercial Revenue Streams
  • Full
    Ownership of
    Audiences &
    Their Data