Why Do I Need Another Social Media App?

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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We wake up in the morning, grab our phones, and take a scroll down each platform before getting out of bed to face the day. It’s the easiest way to catch up with friends and find out what’s trending across the world. But with so many social apps already on the market, why on earth would you need another?

Consider This

Without looking at your phone, we can guess that you have Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp installed. These three apps are owned by Facebook, (so it seems you don’t have as many social media apps as you first thought!) who are now planning on merging the platforms to create an all-in-one messenger. You’re probably aware of Facebook’s history with personal data and the thought of handing over your details to their new system should worry you.

Speaking of privacy, Padoq has keeping your data safe at its core.

Keeping Social Media Secure

We saw that companies were making headlines for incorrect use of data and decided enough was enough. Padoq has changed the social space for the better by providing a safe environment for you to express yourself in; we’re always 100% transparent on how your data is used.

A Fresh Outlook

Social media apps can be damaging to our mental health. Pictures are carefully selected and edited to create a narrative of a perfect life, and we only update our Facebook status when life is going well. In reality, we’re all messy in our own quirky ways. We’re a different person in work, at home, and with our family and friends, so we’ve given you the option to create a new profile for each of your padoqs. There’s no need to hide the real you! New technology is always exciting and we want to make your life more fulfilling.

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Reach The People That Matter

Social media apps are frequently updating their algorithms which makes an impact on how many people see your post in their news feed. Businesses find themselves paying extra to target the large amount of users who weren’t shown their content the first time around and chronological order is often non-existent on Instagram. Padoq provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to organise your group effectively so that they’ll never miss an update.

Staying Relevant

Most of our Facebook’s are filled with people we haven’t seen in years and there’s no telling what will be retweeted onto our Twitter feeds. In Padoq, you have full control over who is in your community and the conversations that happen within them. Important questions will no longer be lost amongst twisted headlines and negative comments.

Have Your Say

Social media can be deafening and it’s often impossible to make an impact with the things you’ve worked hard on. Thanks to great sharing and poll features, Padoq enables you to gather opinions on your latest project and keep everyone updated on its progress. And when it comes to group outings, everyone has their say on the logistics to avoid any upsets! 


Why wait any longer? Download Padoq today and be part of the social movement.

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