we create great apps

We build all of our apps on an existing, highly functional and fully tested platform, which enables us to deliver a superior app in as little as 6 weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development companies. See below for our typical collaborative enterprise solution delivery schedule.

we collaborate

Our team of experts and your team of experts get together to understand your business requirements and what you want to achieve.

we design

We design a mock app and put together a no—obligation proposal.

We understand that our customers are at different stages in their decision-making processes and we won’t hound you like other companies – we want you to be happy!

we meet

When you decide to proceed, we will meet with you to create a full specification and list of deliverables.
If you have additional requirements…no problem, we can make changes!

we configure

Our team of developers get to work. Your dedicated project manager will keep you informed every step of the way.

we test. you test

We continually test your app to ensure the highest quality and we might get you to have a look too.
We want to ensure that you’re happy before we push the “go live” button.

we deliver

Your app goes live in the App stores and we can help you communicate that to your audiences.

we support

Your dedicated customer success manager will continue to support you every step of the way; maximising your use of the app and providing you with useful insights.