Values Statement

Our Mission

We are simplifying the way groups come together. This is groups of people who have similar passions, hobbies and interests. We do this by creating a safe and private environment where people can be their true selves. We match this environment with smart features that simplify the process of organising.

Our Values

As Padoq has evolved and come to life, we felt it important to underpin the platform with the values that brought us here in the first place.

We believe in the power of communities

• We want people to come together around the things they love, and be themselves when they do so.
• We believe the community around our product can help us grow and evolve.

We strive to make people’s lives simpler and more fulfilling.

• We will provide the tools to make people’s lives easier – all in one place.
• We will remove the stress around chasing and organising things.

We believe in creating safer online environments & protecting people’s privacy

• We will create spaces where you feel safe expressing yourself.
• We will be transparent about how people’s data is used, and how you can earn a share of the revenue.

Finally, we want people to feel like they can trust a social platform with their personally identifiable data online again. We will only use your personal identifiable data for purposes core to running the platform, and never for our own commercial gain.

As you begin to use Padoq in your day to day lives, we hope that you will see some our values sitting at its heart.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

CEO and Co-Founder
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