padoq apps for utilities companies

keeping your customers connected

A Padoq app for your utilities company can offer a superior user experience, reduce organisational inefficiencies, and improve customer retention.

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improve customer retention, improve cashflow and create brand engagement: a padoq for utilities app allows you to:

  • Offer a superior user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates

  • Provide information and support in real time through newsfeeds, forums, and direct messaging – improving operational efficiency and reducing contact centre workload

  • Increase user management capabilities and financial efficacy by enabling users to submit readings in-app, reducing the need for representative cost and time to attend the property.

  • Improve cashflow with easier user information submission, facilitating quicker reconciliation of payments required


  • Simple meter reading submission

  • Payment facility for users including statement of account and automated payment reminders

  • Newsfeed for brand, service status and FAQ real time information sharing

  • Personal document/invoice/contract section under each user’s personal login

  • Allow your members to create their own forums so that they build a community within your app

  • Direct messaging for private discussions/actions