Going Travelling? Keep Everyone At Home Updated With Padoq

Wanderlust. Exploration. Escape…if you’re an avid trailblazer, then you’ll understand the thrill of packing your suitcase for a new adventure. Travelling from one destination to another for months at a time is a life changing experience, but standing in the airport and waving goodbye isn’t easy for the loved ones you’re leaving behind. While you’re out in the sun making friends and trying an exhilarating sport, they’re stuck at home wishing it was them. 

So Why Not Just Keep Everybody At Home Updated With Your Travels?

We know what you’re thinking. It can be so time consuming to bounce between several platforms and chats to let everybody know that you’re safe. Before you know it, your phone is blowing up with hundreds of concerned messages from that one person who had unknowingly left the group chat muted.

Wouldn’t it be easier if everything was in one space? Thankfully, Padoq is the all-in-one platform that every traveller has been looking for.

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Gather The People That Matter

Family, friends, colleagues…you name it and they will be on your timeline. This makes it difficult for your content to reach those that actually care. Padoq provides a space for communities to gather without any unwanted distractions. Name your traveller’s padoq and start inviting those that have expressed an interest in your amazing journey.

Share Your Flight Details

Flight trackers are a wonderful tool that saves us a lot of time when travelling. There’s no need to waste precious battery life updating everybody on boarding times, when you’ve got your seat, and who your new plane buddy is. Simply pop your flight number into your padoq and let the whole group have some fun watching your progress.

Create An Online Scrapbook

Not only does having a travel padoq keep your loved ones updated, it’s also a great online scrapbook to keep all your memories in one place. Share those special moments with your group and lock them away for safekeeping in Padoq.

Keep Hold Of Travelling Tips

Having a travelling community at the touch of a button is an easy way of building up a handbook of tips and tricks that you can always refer back to. Some of the group might even want to follow in your footsteps, so make the guide concise and full of useful images!

Use Recommendations

Stumbled across a collection of ornate buildings and winding paths and have no idea where to start? Ask your group for any recommendations they may have hidden up their sleeve. The novelty of travel spontaneity can soon wear off when you’ve been walking in circles for hours, so throw it to your budding explorers for some expert advice.

Bring Back Souvenirs

If you’re feeling generous, ask the group whether they’d like any souvenirs from one of the many places on your itinerary. Not everybody will have the opportunity to hop on a plane and visit these incredible destinations, so bring a little piece of your adventure home for them to treasure.


Pack your bags and be sure to keep everybody updated with Padoq. Download the app today!



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