The Values of Padoq

Back in 2016, as we researched the space and the concept for Padoq emerged, we began to notice a number of things that concerned us in the social media landscape, as well as things users were frighteningly not aware of.

For starters, we realised that offline people live their lives in communities of interest; it’s the team we play a sport with, the friends we might go on holiday with, or the people we share a common interest or hobby with. As individuals, we tend to talk, behave and share things differently with the different groups with which we engage. Online, however, we are forced into a single representation of ourselves from which our whole lives are broadcast. More often than not, we don’t feel comfortable being ourselves and we worry about what others might say or think about us.

Simply put, it’s not easy to get across the real you in all the different ways in which you enjoy and present yourself.

Secondly, we noticed that generally there was one organiser pulling things together and fighting to bring together the group across multiple platforms. We labelled this organiser ‘the community entrepreneur’. Their lives are spent messaging users across a myriad of messaging services, they are always chasing money or collecting payments and generally struggling to organise the group due to a lack of centralised tools.

We wanted to make the community entrepreneurs’ lives simpler.
We strived to create a single platform that put all the tools into one place.

Finally, it became clear to us that users had no idea how social platforms make their money. Everyone knows it is through data, but they lack the understanding of exactly how this personal data is used. We coined the term the ‘grab data game’ as a metaphor for the way companies seem to grow in valuation not by revenues but by how much personal data they can hoard – and this was rapidly being seen as an acceptable thing to do!

Recent developments have brought to light this lack of awareness, around individuals’ personal data; however, it has not indicated that users will – in any way – be rewarded for the level of access they give to platforms. We felt this was simply wrong.

As Padoq evolved and came to life, we felt it was important to underpin the platform with the values that brought us here in the first place.

We believe in the power of communities
• We want people to come together around the things they love, and be themselves when they do so.

We strive to make people’s lives simpler and more fulfilling.
• We will provide the tools to make people’s lives easier – all in one place.
• We will remove the stress around chasing and organising things.

We believe in creating safer online environments & protecting people’s privacy
• We will create spaces where you feel safe expressing yourself.
• We will be transparent about how people’s data is used, and how you can earn a share of the revenue.

As we begin to show you more about Padoq over the next month, we hope that you will see some our values sitting at its heart.


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