Team Building Activities Every Workplace Needs

Everybody knows that all work and no play is a recipe for disaster. You’ve spotted some gloomy faces around the office and team spirit is at an all-time low, so it’s time to organise an outing that staff will still be talking about in years to come! 

Padoq makes it simple to arrange team activities that will boost morale, improve working relationships, and reduce employee stress.  Here’s a few ideas to keep those spirits high.

Escape Room

Being stuck in a locked room with colleagues for an hour is a nightmare anybody would want to escape. This popular activity takes serious teamwork and patience, revealing everyone’s true personality. In each escape room there’s a natural leader, a logical thinker and someone who gives up at the first hurdle. Which will you be?


For a fun outing that will keep adrenaline pumping, Go-Karting is a great way for competitive colleagues to get to know each other. It’s also interesting to discover the rule breakers of the group that don’t shy away from giving your kart a nudge!

Rock Climbing

It’s probably best to check nobody is terrified of heights before suggesting this one. Climbing involves planning a route and requires some serious strength to reach those awkward holds. Nothing says achievement like reaching the top of a wall to the sound of your friends support!

White Water Rafting

If you’re feeling particularly brave, navigate through the treacherous waters with your team at white water rafting. Fail to work collectively and you’ll be taking a tumble! This exhilarating adventure guarantees a day full of laughs.


team karaoke

For those confident enough, entering the dance floor with a microphone is the easiest way to let the whole office know both your music taste and true singing voice. Just remember that your attempt will inevitably be sent to the rest of the team who couldn’t make it.

Pub Quiz

Put your knowledge to the test with a pub quiz dream team. It’s the perfect excuse to get a round of drinks in and show off the brains you’ve been hiding! Select a category and start revising. 

Laser Tag

Need to let off some steam? Laser tag is the perfect outing after a tough week at work. Choose your team wisely and refine your strategy skills to return victorious.


Request that the barriers are left down and watch the gutter take frequent hits as everybody attempts to get the first strike of the evening. You’ll need plenty of concentration and a competitive streak for this unpredictable game.

Cocktail Making

team building

For the cocktail aficionados, spending the day making your own concoctions couldn’t be more perfect. Concentration, creativity, and an open mind is all you need to bond with your fellow cocktail enthusiasts.

Football Match

Attending a match together is great for the workplaces that are split between two teams. The atmosphere from the crowded stands will help raise team spirit and encourage some healthy competition. Try not to be too much of a sore loser at the office the next day.

Board Games

board game tournament

Nothing raises tempers like a game of Monopoly. Throw a tournament that tests an array of skills to crown a champion once and for all. We can’t promise that everybody will play fair though!

Mini Golf

With so many themes to choose from, Mini Golf is a fantastic adventure for any workplace to explore. And the most fun part? Watching your colleagues run after their golf ball after a disastrous hit.


You’re now set to give your workplace an unforgettable outing. Keep track of who’s coming, gather payments, and share memories by organising the big day on your company’s padoq. Downlaod Padoq today!

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