So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Running Club?

Running solo can get pretty lonely. Yes, it’s a fantastic way to clear your mind and escape the days troubles, but there’s no one else around to perk you up when your determination begins to waver.

Not only does hitting the ground as a pack keep you accountable, it also provides the opportunity to enhance your social life. We all love to feel a part of something and there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own running community in Padoq. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Make It Yours

With so many running clubs out there, how on earth do you convince people to join yours?

Start with what you know best. If you’re a student who’s struggling to adjust to life away from home, make it an exclusive club for homesick undergrads. Or maybe you’ve found that several of your colleagues wish to get back in shape and fancy some friendly competition – discover what works for you and begin drumming up interest.

Poll Your Members

So you’ve established your niche and members are rolling in. Now it’s time to set a day, time, and location for you all to meet. Be prepared to sort the age-old morning or evening run debate!  

Set up a Padoq and find something that works for the whole group.

Don’t Give Up

Although it’s disheartening to have no-shows, remember that you’re new to this and life can get in the way. The worst thing you can do is cancel the whole thing out of embarrassment. Give it time and members will start to arrive in twos once they see that you’re the real deal.

Spread The Word

Social Media is an organisers best friend. Let everybody know that there’s a new running club on Padoq, create your own hashtag, and share any pictures to increase the excitement around your brand.

Post Your Progress

Having a Padoq to share your progress is a great way of keeping the group accountable. It’s inspiring to see a beginner go from strength to strength and an element of competition will keep them coming back for more. You’d be surprised at how much further you can run after just a month of group training.

Regular Updates

Set an example and keep your members in check with updates on any last minute changes. This is a great way of building trust; your fellow runners will appreciate the communication.

Organise Socials

Plan a get together to give your members a real chance to get to know each other. Whether it’s a post-run breakfast or a few drinks at the local bar, everyone will be able to join in no matter their running speed.

Gather Volunteers

If the amount of sign ups has become overwhelming, reach out to your members to see if anyone would be happy to help out each week. Even just having someone planning the next route can make a huge difference.

Consider Merchandise

Once you’ve got a solid number of members turning up, consider making merchandise to increase the community vibe. It’s also a great way of getting your name out there!


You’re now set to organise your own running group. Get your community noticed! Download Padoq today.

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