Starting A Book Club: Everything You Need To Know

book club

A book club presents the perfect opportunity to bond with others over a shared interest. Long gone are the days of waiting for your friend to finish a book you recommended months ago – running your own club means there’s always someone to chat with about your favourite quote or the mind blowing twist that’s left you reeling.

We love seeing a new community on Padoq so here’s everything you need to get started!

Who’s In The Book Club?

Knowing who’s coming will make this entire process a little easier. Don’t panic if it’s just you and a mate to begin with. There’s plenty of time to build numbers, so take this moment to get yourselves organised. Is it a group of university students looking for a break from their studies? Colleagues who are always chatting away about their latest read in the office? Whatever the group, decide on a maximum amount of members before sending out invites; 5-10 people is a sensible amount to work with.

What Do You Want Out Of It?

Are you aiming to read a set amount of books this year? Wish to learn something new? Or does your group want to explore new genres to break their habit of reading the same things over and over? Note down your reasons for starting the club and always keep them in mind when choosing the next book to read. Having a niche will also help your community stand out from the crowd.

Set Up Your Book Club Padoq

Now that you’ve defined your club’s purpose and chosen the guest list, it’s time to get the ball rolling with your very own book club padoq. Come up with a name and you could even design a logo to help members find your group easily. Make the description concise, set the location, and start inviting your fellow bookworms.

When Will You Meet?

Finding a day and time that the whole group can make is a huge task many of us dread. Thankfully, you can easily avoid the endless messages over work and family commitments with a Padoq poll; provide a few options and see which is the favourite. And if there’s really no room for a meet-up, you could make it an online book club where you all gather in Padoq.  

Remember to consider how often the club will meet too. Reading paces and schedules will differ from person to person, so propose a monthly event and see how the group feel.

Choose A Bookish Setting

Whether you opt to meet over a coffee or gather in somebody’s home, make sure there’s enough room for the whole group to chat in comfort. Even though it’s tempting to host the club at a quirky book cafe that you once passed on your travels, it’s best to pick a place that everybody can easily access to guarantee a good turnout.

Give Everyone A Chance

Nobody wants a sour atmosphere from petty arguments over book choices. Padoq helps form an inclusive environment so that everybody has their say when it comes to the next read. Create a post and ask the group for any suggestions. This way, you’ll have a handy list of potential reads that members can choose from!

Embrace The Social Element

Being part of a book club is a fantastic way of making new friends. So why not help the group get to know each other by organising regular socials? Whether you all meet for coffee beforehand or head out to the local bar on a Saturday, members will be so much more confident in sharing their bookish thoughts with a group of people they feel comfortable with.


Feeling ready to set up your book club? Download Padoq and start reading with a community today.

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