Road Trip Essentials Every Explorer Needs

Summer is finally making an appearance and we’re craving a road trip. With windows down, the sun warming our faces, and plenty of snacks to go round, there’s no better way to spend the weekend with amazing company.

If you’re planning on hitting the road soon, we’ve compiled a handy list of must-haves for an epic adventure!

Road Trip Padoq

First things first: you’ll need a platform to keep on top of the road trip plans. Download Padoq, create your group, and invite your pals to jump start your journey.

With a padoq, you can share any road trip milestones, pinpoint destination postcodes, and request the passengers for petrol funds without an awkward conversation on the drive!

Road Trip Snacks

Having a selection of everybody’s favourite food will keep energy at an all time high. Sandwiches, crisps, chocolate… why not go all out and have a mobile picnic? Traffic is inevitable and an hour could pass without seeing a restaurant in the horizon, so it’s best to come prepared!

Road Trip Playlist

You can forget the road trip if you don’t have a playlist at the ready. Screaming at the top of your lungs to absolute classics has to be the best part of any journey. Bring up Spotify, add your favourites, and open it up to the group in Padoq for a varied soundtrack.

Get Your Shades On

Sunglasses are a must. Not only will you all look great in the road trip selfies, you’ll also be equipped to deal with the sun as it blazes away.

Phone With The Planned Route

You’re guaranteed to take a wrong turn somewhere, causing that awkward tension between the driver and front passenger. Always make sure someone has a phone with the destination postcode that’s been shared in your road trip padoq to avoid any fallouts!

Traditional Map And Route Screenshots

Remember that service isn’t always available when driving through country lanes. Getting lost with no working device to hand is a horrible feeling. Embrace tradition and try working out the route on a map. And if the thought of opening up a giant page full of multicoloured lines knocks you sick, opt for screen shotted directions that the responsible roadtripper kindly shared in Padoq.

Car Chargers

Speaking of phones, it’s best to have a few chargers packed to keep everybody happy. Nobody wants to spend the entire journey with no phone to turn to when the conversation becomes dry!

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated the entire journey with a refillable water bottle! We’d advise that you drink slowly though – nobody wants to stop for multiple toilet breaks!

Escape The Cramped Car With Noise Blockers

Can’t take the noise from your obnoxious friend any longer? Pop your headphones in and hopefully they’ll take the hint. You’ll get some frustrated looks but the sweet sound of music will soon be a handy distraction.

Power Snooze

If you’re in for the long haul then you can’t go wrong with a pillow or two. Car sleepers are prone to stiff necks, so journey in comfort with a portable bedroom. Try not to make the driver too jealous; they’ll be cranky enough as it is.

Anybody Have Spare Change?

You never know when you might need some cash. There could be a fantastic arcade en route, a must-try chippy, or the driver may be craving a coffee after staring at the same road for an hour. Be sure to chip in to make the long journey ahead bearable.

Travel Sickness Tablets For The Queasy

When the roads get rough and too many snacks have been shovelled away, travel sickness can take a turn for the worse. Keep some tablets in the front to ensure everybody has a pleasant journey.

Snap Away

Nothing says an epic road trip like thousands of daft photographs to look back on. For an instant memory, grab a polaroid and start snapping away (try not to waste all of the film before you get there!) or snap some pictures on your phone and share them in Padoq with a tap of a button. 

Car Blankets

Car seats can become fairly uncomfortable when you’re stuck in them for hours. Lay down the softest blanket you can find then sit back and relax for a smooth journey. They’re super handy for stargazing and campfires too!

Pack A Spare Bag

A spare backpack is incredibly useful. Whether you’re filling it with picnic essentials or saving it for souvenirs, just make sure it can fit in the car without squashing anyone!

You’re officially set to smash your upcoming road trip. Remember to make a checklist and soundtrack before sharing the plans with your friends on Padoq! Download the app today.