Project Seagull

Hello everyone!
We’re so excited to tell you more about Padoq and finally start getting people on the platform we have been developing for the last 18 months. 
After plenty of highs and lows along this journey, I’m personally proud to say we are now incredibly close to having a product out in the market for you all to enjoy!
Over the next few weeks we will be revealing more about the platform, it’s features and the things you’ll be able to do on it. We will also be granting early access to a select group of people for feedback and new feature suggestions.
Today, I’m going to reveal a little about how the name ‘Padoq’ came about and what the meaning is behind it. For starters, thinking of a name for a startup can be difficult:
We started with an idea, and then tried to think of a name that encompassed it. Padoq is all about bringing people together in boundaried communities, where they can be themselves and be more productive. After months of taking forward a nameless product – or ‘Project Seagull’ as we had labelled it internally, we stumbled across the word ‘paddock’ – an enclosure for horses or racing cars. It completely fit our ethos around putting boundaries around a group. 
A quick rehash to ‘Padoq’ gave it the tech feel we were looking for, and 5 minutes later the domain was purchased for £10. 
Padoq… was born!
We are so excited to show you more about it in the next few weeks.
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