Padoq standing out at TNW 2018

We came, we pitched, we drank Heineken.

The Next Web Conference last week was a showcase of European digital standouts. And did Padoq stand out? Does Amsterdam have canals? Oh yes, Padoq stood out, although, we admit, the sea of red from the team’s matching T-shirts certainly gave us nowhere to hide from the crowds, nor get lost from each other.

It started with the opening night party street takeover right in the heart of the City. From the go, the fingers of Europe’s creme de les trendies intuitively started to create Padoqs and began forging whole new ecosystems of digital community. 

The next morning we were on it straight away; we are not naturally shy as a group:-) After a little while every surface became a sea of “Social 3.0 sign up now for early Beta access”. And sign-up in droves they did. From VC to VR, from app crafters to craft brewers, from hot hipsters to tech tipsters, there wasn’t a sector which wasn’t wowed with Padoq’s message of authentic digital community.


And with such an innovative bunch as willing testers came a flood of additional suggestions, from the incredibly powerful to the stark staring bonkers….but, hey, that’s the way when you put 15,000 creatives together under a blazing sun!

Next up is Money 20/20, again in Amsterdam (oh what hardships we suffer for the Padoq cause) and then Money Conf in Dublin (no complaints here, either!).

Take a look at Padoq yourself. It’s for living and we think you’ll like it.

For early access, Please visit:


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