Padoq for Property

We love creating property apps to help tenants and landlords of private residences make their lives a little easier. With a more efficient method of communication, Padoq for property removes the requirement for multiple systems, making tenant engagement more valuable – both from a brand perspective and a financial one. You can just get on with… well, living. 

Attract and maximise tenants 

We know first impressions count so you can create an easy and slick onboarding process for potential residents. With an app powered by Padoq, you can engage with your local community to stand out and acquire potential new clients. What’s more, you can optimise resident on boarding process, streamline referencing, as well as manage money collection and document signing. 

When you’ve secured your tenants, you have your very own web dashboard in addition to your app, where you can collect and own your own data; measure and outperform your SLA targets; monetise tenants through partners, advertisements and promotions, and connect your app to existing systems, services and processes.  

Features of Padoq for property

For your tenants and landlords, they too will see the benefits of using your app, making life that bit simpler!  

💸 Pay and/or receive rent 

The app enables each landlord to request payment for services/memberships, events, rent, and even parking spaces. This can be set up as a one-off or recurring payment. The landlord can see who has paid, and each tenant can see when payment is due and make the payment directly in the app. 

🛠️ Issue reporting and management 

Tenants can report and manage issues through the app such as plumbing, electricity, furniture, and more. ​We have a backend system for managing issues, or we can connect to your existing property management solution. ​ 

📦 Get notified of deliveries 

Advise tenants of deliveries as soon as they arrive in the building through push notifications. ​Information displayed can be basic such as date and size of parcel or adapted to be more detailed. 

💡 Input meter readings 

Tenants can enter meter readings in the app, based on pre-filled meter number information or manual entry. Meter reading requests can also be sent to tenants at regular intervals automatically. ​If an image of the meter is required, the app provides the facility for tenants to upload a photo as well. 

📝 Check property inventories 

An inventory can be loaded to the app in order for both the property manager and the tenant to keep track of.​ A tick-box solution provides an electronic record of items (including model number/specification) for easier management and replacement of apartment stock at lease start and end date.​ 

📂 Document storage 

The app provides an area for document storage so that the tenant can keep contracts, agreements and other important information stored safely together. The document store also provides an easy method for the landlord to update agreements and issue amendments. 

🛎️ Book rooms 

If you have bookable rooms or resources (such as meeting rooms or fitness suites) in your building, the app provides functionality for tenants to book these. ​The app shows when these are available to book and adds the booking to the tenant’s calendar. ​ 

👋 Chat to other tenants 

The app provides a chat function which enables landlords to chat with individual tenants or groups of people. Neighbouring tenants can also chat with one another through the app. This function notifies you and your tenants to new messages.  

🍿Attend events 

The app provides an easy system for advertising and inviting tenants to events. Landlords can view a screen which shows who has responded, if they’re attending and if it’s a paid event – whether they’ve paid.​ The app adds all events to the tenant’s calendar, which they can also add non-tenant related events to.​ 

Student living 

Working recently with VITA Student, Padoq has provided the app solution for around 5,000 students across 18 VITA buildings.  

Similarly, to the above we have offered students a safe and secure way of contacting property managers and receiving parcels. Most importantly we are helping create lasting friendships with the ability to attend events and chat to like-minded people in their halls of residence. Especially in these unprecedented times, the act of reaching out to other virtually can mean so much to new university students. 

On successful launch of VITA’s app, we have received great feedback from our client  

We were really impressed with the eagerness from Padoq to really get the most out of the platform for Vita Student. The team have a can-do attitude, a passion for the product and an aspirational viewpoint to make the product do the most it can for us. Everyone really believes in what Padoq is and has a real passion for it.