Padoq Crowned As One Of The Most Exciting Companies In The North West

We are incredibly proud to announce that Padoq has been crowned as one of the North West’s Most Exciting Companies.

The UK’s National B2B Media Company, Insider, assembled a panel of experts to determine the shining lights of the North West that are set to make a big impression in the next ten years. Founder and CEO Mike Anderson is thrilled to receive this recognition:

“We’re delighted to be acknowledged for our work in developing the platform for communities. It’s been amazing to see so many groups using Padoq to chat with like-minded people, organise events, gather payments and capture opinions. This award is a great addition to an already fantastic year for Padoq.”

“Since inception, Padoq has gone from strength to strength and our journey continues to reach new, exciting heights.”

Introducing Powered By Padoq

At the start of the year, Padoq extended its infrastructure for business owners, enabling them to own, enhance, and commercialise their member’s engagement through custom white-label versions of the Padoq app; effectively giving them their own branded app on the iOS store and Google Play store.

Powered By Padoq is set to save organisations significant time and development costs by offering a quick to market solution supported by world class infrastructure.

Anderson said:

“Businesses are recognising the countless possibilities a Powered By Padoq app can bring. We can quickly mobilise the communities that sit around their brand, so that they can commercialise them – at a fraction of the price that it would cost them to develop a solution themselves. Let us focus on the technical stuff, while you focus on building your business.”

This evergreen B2B application is set to modernise organisations across the property, media, and logistics industries. With a strong pipeline of customers, Padoq aim to develop further app features to provide more business functionality to users. A calendar and booking system are already in development.

Interested in learning more? Explore the Insider’s June edition to find out why we’ve been recognised as one of the North West’s most exciting companies. If you are interested in a white-label app yourself, email to start the conversation.

Be part of the social movement and download Padoq today.

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