Padoq Agency Partners

Padoq Agency Partners

About Padoq

Padoq is a fast-growing low code app development platfom which has gained traction delivering apps to customers across a number of sectors over the past 2 years. Our core app functionality is well suited to apps where engagement adds value to transactional services, with case studies to date including:

  • Deployed app for NYSE listed Environmental services company connecting 30,000 employees globally with an app to facilitate document sharing, discussions, calendar management and news. 
  • Deployed tenant management apps for UK’s leading property companies, with  integrations into back office property management systems including Salesforce; and apps delivered managing issue reporting, community engagement, news, deliveries, room bookings and events. 
  • Launched a number of branded social network apps within weeks to clients.
  • Retail / e-commerce apps with Shopify integration.

As we’ve built out the platform over the past 5 years, we’ve managed to build out a series of app based components that we believe are commoditised, and found again and again in mobile app builds. Running these configurable components from a single Platform As A Service means we see efficiencies in testing cycles, quicker time to market for apps and future proofing to future OS updates. Coupled with our Integration As A Service capability we can easily add transactional capability to brand and UX led opportunities.

From an IP perspective, we are able to give clients full control over the front end of the app build, but the scalability and reliability of enterprise back-end functionality. Think of it a little like what Twilio is for messaging but for the entire app build/launch/maintenance process. With our flexible ‘integration as a Service’ module that allows customers to integrate easily with their existing systems and build their own ring-fenced IP within their app.

The Opportunity

Seeing over 700% in revenue growth throughout 2020, we began to build out a services arm to handle our uptick in client activity proving the model, however realised long-term, this was a conflict to our desire to focus on our platform play. As a result of this, we have now positioned Padoq as a platform for agencies and in-house teams to utilise to short-cut their time to market.

Noting the current agency landscape, and the costs and timescales with building an app from scratch we see a huge opportunity for forward thinking agencies to deliver apps quickly using the Padoq platform, and open up a number of markets they may not be able service due to time, budget and resource restrictions. By giving access to our codebase to partner agencies, we see the opportunity for developer productivity leading to clients getting more and faster.

Additionally, Padoq receives a number of leads monthly that we believe require a services driven approach and would like our agency partners to drive these. 

Agency Partner Requirements

The selected agencies will be listed as partner agencies on the Padoq website, with exclusivity available on certain sectors (ie property, retail etc). The selected agency should have a track record of high quality customer service and strong case studies for clients it has worked with.

You will be strong in client consulting, creative, ideation, requirements and front-end development. Obviously you will be open to using Padoq for integration requirements.

Agencies will be responsible for:

– Onboarding business development / sales team in place to see leads from initial concept to workshopping phase.

– Delivery of customer focused workshops, including front end design of desired apps. 

– Development team in place to deliver app to customer using Padoq system.

Padoq will be responsible for:

– Padoq will provide agencies with a licence to build out apps on the platform, reducing time and cost to get apps to market.

– Padoq will provide training for agency partner developers to use the Padoq platform, allowing them to launch app quickly.

– Padoq will pass appropriate leads to agency partners to close.

– We will agree support processes that make sense to both of us.

Revenue model:

Padoq’s typical revenue model involves a set up cost, followed by a monthly licence fee. We typically display flexibility with clients to amortise a % of the set up cost across the initial contract, boosting monthly recurring revenue for Padoq.

Padoq and selected partner agencies will put in place a revenue share model that allows both parties to cover cost bases, whilst also seeing long-term recurring revenue growth for both parties.

Partnering with Padoq provides traditional service driven agencies the opportunity to significantly grow their monthly recurring revenue, whilst Padoq can reduce its operating expenses for client acquisition and onboarding. We see this as a win-win for the right agencies. 

If you’d like to talk to us about becoming an agency partner, please contact us on 0333 305 0833 or complete the form below.