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Padoq is an app platform with a broad range of functionality which addresses the needs of multiple verticals. Built to scale to meet any organisation’s needs through cloud-enabled architecture, it may be implemented in a range of ways. For example, through Padoq’s shared environment, through major hosting providers, or by self-hosting. The platform provides a comprehensive engagement capability to organisations, with privacy and security at the forefront. Secure RESTful APIs connect the two, making the overall technology solid, scalable and easy to resource.

privacy by design
cloud enabled
broad functionality
single codebase


The Padoq development team has a high competency and significant experience in connecting to partner systems, and regularly applies this to our customer integrations either through tight API connectivity, direct database access, or looser file interchanges. These integrations can be frontend or backend for extended UIs, or for import and export of documents or transactional data. Included in Padoq’s abilities is the use of unstructured data processing for the generation and ingestion of news feeds and the automated moderation of user-added content.