the padoq story

the beginning: misuse of data in community engagement

Padoq began with a small team who recognised the issues of misuse of data, the limitations of solutions to enable genuine brand building engagement and how difficult, expensive and slow it was to build an app.

transforming the norm: bringing together web functionality

We became fixated with a desire to transform the existing model and provide security, data privacy, limitless integration capability as well in-app communication and engagement functionality that would be market-leading.

barriers: recognising cost and time to market

Two years ago we got a quote from an app development company to build just a front-end solution for us. £1m and a build time of almost 1 year was the response.

So we built our own and more.

removing barriers: enabling organisations to benefit from our experiences

It was clear a solution was required, a platform allowing the development and deployment of apps for a more accessible cost and in a shorter time. Instead of a £1m front end, we now have 4 times that original functionality we were quoted on and a platform you can benefit from.

transforming the development and deployment of mobile apps

Work with our team of experts who will translate your business objectives into your own amazing £1m+ app while also establishing your own digital ecosystem which is secure and future-proofed as standard.