A Best Man’s Guide To Organising The Ultimate Stag Do

A stag do requires a hell of a lot of planning for it to be a success. As the best man, all eyes are on you when it comes to organising your closest pal’s last night of freedom. There’s no room for any half-hearted, last minute plans here. With hundreds of details to finalise before that first round can be brought in, you’ll need to tackle the stag do checklist head on to achieve an epic outing the groom will never forget.

Here’s our ultimate best man’s guide to organising a stag do the whole group will still be talking about in years to come.

Grab A Pint And Let’s Talk Logistics

It’s futile to start organising the party without the stag’s input. Head over to your local and grab your best mate a drink so you can discuss the logistics without any distractions from the group chat. You’ll need to know who he wants to invite, whether he wants to go abroad or not, the activities he’d like to do, and the most suitable dates (organising a stag do right on top of the big day is a disaster waiting to happen!).

Don’t give too much away though. What truly makes a stag do is the surprises you’ve got hidden up your sleeve. This is just a way of ruling out any definite no-go’s so that you can get the ball rolling without any hiccups.

organising a stag do

Send Out The Stag Do Invites With Padoq

Now that you have a rough guide to rely on, it’s time to pin down the guest list. Make a stag do padoq and invite the group of lads the groom requested. Offer up a few dates with a poll and see which is the favourite; this is the easiest way to avoid the endless group chat debates over work and family commitments! Forget any maybe’s. The poll has the final say.

Identify The Location And Budget

Although it’s tempting to go all out with a week in Vegas, not everybody will be able to afford it or get the time off work. Test the waters with an initial proposal in Padoq and see what the response is like. Received too many rejections? Reconsider your options and come up with a more suitable location. Try and narrow it down to a few choices as too many will delay the final decision.

Book The Accommodation

The location has been set so there’s nothing stopping you from sorting the accommodation. Whether you’re heading abroad or staying nearby, the earlier you book, the better the quality. Air BnB’s are a great option for large stag do’s with plenty of storage space for the essentials. But if you fancy something different, treetop lodges or glamping for the weekend are guaranteed to produce some top quality memories to look back on. Use Padoq to gather everybody’s payment for an efficient booking.

Take Note: You’ll also need to choose accommodation that’s nearby to your chosen activities, which brings us on to the next item on the list.

Choose Your Adventure

stag do activities

It’s going to be a pretty stale stag do if you haven’t taken the time to organise activities. You’ll need to choose something that everybody will enjoy or perhaps opt for a day filled with things the group have never tried before. Still struggling for ideas? Create a post in Padoq to see if anyone has any wacky suggestions.


No stag do is complete without a couple of pranks or surprises. However, it can be hard to organise in secret with differing schedules and commitments. Thankfully, there’s the option to make a padoq private so that the stag will never catch on. Within this, you can all scheme and come up with the ultimate stag do surprise.


You’re now set to start planning your best mate’s stag do. Organising has never been easier thanks to Padoq. Set a date, choose a location, send out the invites, and start celebrating!

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