Organising A Stress-Free Hen Do With Padoq


Making a hen do a success isn’t easy. As maid of honour, you’ve been entrusted to plan your best friend’s epic party before she ties the knot. Finding a date that everybody can make is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s the transport, venue, costumes, and so much more to finalise, leaving the WhatsApp group chat in absolute chaos.

Thankfully, there isn’t a bridezilla in sight when organising with Padoq. Here’s everything you need to plan an amazing hen do.

Hen Do Etiquette

Forever and always, right? No matter how well you think you know your bestie, there won’t be much of a friendship left to save if you don’t ask the bride to be what she really wants. Find out how she wishes to celebrate and stick to the plan no matter what.

Create An Invite List

Ask the bride who she’d like to invite so you have a good idea of the party size. Make sure you have the hen looking over the list so you won’t miss off anyone important! This is also a perfect opportunity to let everybody know about any costume plans, giving them plenty of time to coordinate. 

Start designing your invites, create a padoq for the attendees, and get the party started.

Pick A Location

Now that you know what your hen has in mind for her VIP party, it should be a little easier to choose a location. Invite all the girls to your hen do padoq and form a post for research; working collectively will help provide a few creative options to choose from. Remember, not everybody in the group can afford an extravagant getaway, so keep it fair by sharing ideas, images, and reviews for a foolproof plan.

Take note: You’ll need to find a place that can accommodate your crazy party and has easy access to activities!

Set A Date

Finding a date that works for everyone is unbelievably frustrating. You know the score. Group chats ping back and forth with far too many “maybes” until it’s eventually taken over by confusion and irrelevant gifs.

Avoid important dates getting lost with the Padoq poll feature. Throw in a few weekends that you know everybody can definitely make and see which is the favourite. The results have the final say so there’s no going back on this unanimous decision.

Organising Activities

The planned activities can make or break a hen do, so you’ll need to keep your thinking hat on before the fun can begin. You can forget spending the day at the spa sipping bubbly and soaking in the hot tub if the hen isn’t a fan of pamper days. If she’s requested a surprise, choose something you know she adores or go with something quirky that none of the group have tried. However you want to play it, seal your plans in advance so you can skip to the good bit. 

Choose Your Method Of Transport

The date, location, and activities are locked down so there’s nothing stopping you from organising the transport for the big event. Got a party coach in mind? Let the driver know the pickup location and get the passenger drinks flowing. Or if you’re heading abroad, make sure everybody has a valid passport before sorting the flights. The earlier you book, the better the seating arrangements! 

Gather Payments

You could be waiting a lifetime for that one forgetful friend to pay their share of the deposit. There’s a deadline looming and as maid of honour, you’re the one who needs to send the awkward final reminder before chaos ensues. Thankfully, Padoq broaches the subject for you with the option to nudge members of the group with a payment reminder.


Now that you’re feeling more prepared for your bestie’s hen do, why not stay on top of your party planning with a bride squad padoq? Download the app today and take the stress out of organising.

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