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Promote your organisation, engage with your members, share information and capitalise on commercial or fundraising opportunities; Padoq can provide your organisation with a cost-effective and functional single-app solution to enable you to meet your objectives.

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reduces digital cost

Padoq removes the requirement for an expensive multiple app strategy

The Padoq platform enables organisations to form multiple groups within a single app. It effectively looks like lots of apps WITHIN an app. Whether you’re running a one-off event, have multiple site locations or you want to divert paid members to closed groups, Padoq can configure your app to suit your requirements. We can integrate with your existing CRM to remove administration headaches and with the hit of a button you can communicate in-app to your own defined list of users.

reduces digital risk

Padoq provides your organisation with an app that never expires

We obviously love technology but the continuous updates and improvements to operating systems and phone hardware make app compatibility a relentless task. With Apple and Google having their own rules around app quality, the risk of app removal if they fail to function as intended is quite real. If you already have an app or have had one in the past, you’ll know that failure to update it in a timely manner significantly impacts customer/member satisfactions (especially those paid member), putting recurring revenues at risk.

Having an app built on the Padoq platform eliminates that risk. Every time operating systems update, or new handsets are released, Padoq updates its core technology and because this core technology runs your app too, you never need to worry about compatibility again.

reduces security risk

Padoq puts security at the heart of everything it does

The Padoq platform has been fully penetration tested and has been designed to provide the appropriate access to external connections while remaining invisible to non-authorised traffic. We have received ongoing cyber essentials plus certification.

Additionally, the app or certain groups within the app can be set not to propagate personal details, which is especially important when dealing with the safeguarding of high-risk groups. Moderation of groups can be automated to provide additional peace of mind, raising flags to the app administrator should data be shared within a group environment.

Why Padoq?

Well, the straightforward answer is that a Padoq-built app exponentially removes cost and risk, both upfront and ongoing.

We’re a bit cynical about multiple app strategies – the argument is that each app can have a key audience focus, directing users to relevant information and thus increasing engagement.

In fact, we’d argue quite the opposite. The centralisation of information in one place promotes growth and engagement, and adds user value.

As you will have read above, you do not need multiple apps to achieve that focus and the crux of the problem is that each of these apps cost significant amounts of money to develop and further time, money and monitoring to remain compliant with the relevant app store rules.