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It’s really all about you with the Padoq ‘Me Page’. Those little notes that you like to leave yourself? There’s a space for them on the Me Page. Your calendar, your wallet? There’s plenty of space for them too. Quite frankly, the Padoq Me Page is the number one safe spot to keep all of your personal belongings. Here’s how it works. 

The Corkboard

As with any normal corkboard, the Padoq corkboard is essentially a blank canvas for you to pin your favourite posts on. 

  • From the Padoq Feed, click on the ‘Me Page’.
  • Select the ‘Corkboard’ located underneath your profile picture. 
  • On the Padoqs tab, you’ll see ‘All Padoqs’, which is where you access your pinned posts.
  • Go ahead and start pinning posts to fill up your corkboard.


It’s easy to forget every detail when your event calendar is ready to burst. To jog your memory, you can create notes and reminders where you’ll then be notified on the date and time you specified. Handy, right? 

  • Select the pen icon in the top right corner of the Corkboard to create a note.
  • Add a title and text.
  • By selecting the pin icon in the top left of the screen, you can pin the note to a specific Padoq, so that it will appear in that Padoq’s section in the corkboard
  • Toggle ‘Add Reminder’ to add a date and time to your note. This note will then appear in your user calendar and will send a notification to your device at the time you set.

Personal Calendar

Never miss an event again with the Padoq personal calendar. This accessible planning tool keeps all of your event details and RSVP’s in one place. On the top right of your page, click on the calendar icon to see what’s going on. Once you’ve responded to an event, added a reminder in the corkboard, or pinned any posts with a date attached, your calendar will display all upcoming activities. Select an event to be taken to the original event post. 

Using The Padoq Wallet 

The Padoq wallet simplifies paid event organisation, allowing you to manage all of your finances without any hassle. Access your wallet in the top left of your page, next to your profile picture. 

  • Top Up – In order to pay other members for activities, you will need to ensure your balance is topped up. 
  • Withdraw – Quickly gain access to any incoming payments. 
  • Activity – Keep track of every payment going in and out. 
  • Requests – Identify who has paid, who’s declined, and who’s been reminded.
  • Wallets – Add/remove wallets 

Exploring Padoq’s Settings 

Along with the settings for a padoq you have created, you can also edit your own. From the ‘Me Page’, tap on the ‘Account’ tab on the right. You’ll then be given an overview of your profile settings:

  • Display Name – If you’ve changed your mind on your display name, that’s no problem. You’re just a tap away from editing your Padoq identity.
  • Email – Add your main Email that you’d like to receive communications on. 
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Change Password
  • Your interests – Interests help us identify which padoq’s you’d like to join
  • FAQ’s – Got a burning question? We’ve likely answered it before. Check out our FAQ’s for any insights and quick fixes. 
  • Send Feedback – We love to hear from Padoq pioneers, so don’t be shy on sharing your thoughts. 
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Request Account Deletion

So that’s you all sorted. It’s about time you got chatting with other Padoq members through direct chat. 

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