padoq for marketing

brand marketing evolution

Ways to engage and connect with customers has evolved. For some time we have lived in a mobile led world, attracted by its convenience, personalisation, functionality and geographical relevance. Over 50% of media consumption is now via mobile vs traditional channels. However, even this is evolving with people migrating from using the mobile web to more dedicated mobile apps.

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  • 78% of users would rather access a brand via a mobile app than a mobile web site
  • users spend 3-4 times longer in mobile apps than on desktop devices
  • Mobile apps show 10X more engagement than web platforms

the problem with:

building your own app

Apps are complex things – they are often expensive to build and to maintain.

Apps age quickly as phones, operating systems, and middleware changes which means that budget set aside for the development of a digital strategy is often consumed by ongoing maintenance and fixes.

There are variety of ‘off the shelf products’ but these cannot provide the bespoke branding and functionality that brands require.

Because of this many businesses either ignore the channel or turn to 3rd party platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, losing control and ownership of their audience.

the problem with:

social media campaigns

Running a campaign on social media often means placing your client’s data at the hands of third- parties.

You are spending huge sums of money to compete with other companies to attract an audience not directly engaged with your brand.

You have to abide by the rigid rules of these companies which leave marketing professionals creatively frustrated.

40% of people claim to
have deleted a social
media account because
they didn’t trust the
platform with their
personal information*

the solution:

the Padoq App

Padoq is changing the whole mobile app space. By building on an existing, highly functional, stable and tested platform, we can produce beautiful, bespoke, enterprise standard apps.

Such is the speed and simplicity of using Padoq, organisations are now able to use apps not just as a central place to engage with their customers but also for one off promotions or very targeted fan groups

the possibilities

Your app will not only encompass the entire marketing process from start to finish,
but provide your consumers with a community they can rely on.

  • Reach the right audience with no added cost
  • Collect customer data for future campaigns
  • Access analytics for campaign performance
  • Secure payment system for in-app purchases/subscriptions, speeding up the shopping experience
  • Build trust and loyalty with a personalised approach
  • Offer exclusive discounts & rewards
  • Run competitions
  • Improve user experience
  • Customer response/ticketing to quickly resolve customer queries, enhancing brand perception
  • Centralise communication
  • Manage influencer campaigns
  • Share content briefs, contracts and timelines in one place
  • Store important documentation
  • Free up time spent on market research with quick and easy polling functionality
  • Create an online exclusive focus group and collect the audience’s wants and needs with surveys
  • Research product demand in detail