padoq apps for leisure & fitness

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A Padoq app can provide your organisation with a platform that offers a true community experience away from your bricks and mortar establishment. Motivate, engage and monetise your members whilst maximising operational efficiency. Don’t sweat it – Padoq has it covered.

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it doesn’t matter if you’re a national chain of gyms or a personal trainer, a padoq app for leisure & fitness can:

  • Create a community around your service or brand

  • Enhance user experience with a single point of service, providing a positive impression and increased member retention

  • Maximise efficiency, save time, and save money, with our automated payment and booking systems

  • Provide you with the opportunity to monetise your member base through shop sales and advertising (whether advertising additional facilities/classes or through sponsored advertising in-app)


  • Class or facility booking mechanism with a calendar feature for both organisational and member usage

  • Payment facility for memberships, classes and shop with automated reminders to pay

  • Create your own segmented forums for engaged conversations and communications with a targeted audience

  • Allow your members to create their own forums so that they build a community within your app

  • Direct messaging for private discussions/actions