How To Plan Your Dream Wedding With Padoq

You’ve landed here because you’re getting married (congratulations!) and have no idea where to start with the wedding planning. Well, we’ve got you covered. At Padoq, we understand that making sure everything is perfect for the big day isn’t an easy task – that’s why we’ve made the whole process a little easier with an app built for organisation on a grand scale. From saying yes to the dress right the way through to sealing the invitations, you can keep track of even the finest details with a wedding padoq.

How To Plan A Wedding: Our Top Tips

Create A Wedding Padoq

There’s no need to have hundreds of folders crammed with inspiration lying haphazardly around your home when you can treat your wedding padoq like an online scrapbook. Set up a padoq and invite your other half, parents, and anybody else you’d like to share your plans with; nobody can resist seeing the behind the scenes of a dream wedding!

This way, you can keep all of your research in one place, giving other members the opportunity to provide any recommendations they may have.

Decide On A Budget

Before you get too distracted by the glorious sound of wedding bells, it’s important that you’ve determined how much you have to spend based on your own and your families’ contributions. You wouldn’t want to be caught short when booking the wedding of your dreams, so always keep that ideal number in mind. Create a spreadsheet and store it in your wedding padoq so you can keep track of every cost.

Set The Scene

A traditional church wedding, ruling the castle with floral crowns, saying your vows on the beach with an ocean breeze, holding the reception in a stunning hotel surrounded by a lake… there really are hundreds of wonderful venues to hold your wedding at. It’s not an easy decision, so be sure to use Padoq to store all your findings such as availability, reviews, and how to get there. Having everything laid out in one space will make choosing the perfect venue much easier.

Start The Wedding Guest List

Set yourself up a table on your laptop that can be filled with everyone you want at your wedding. Add a column for their contact number, RSVP, and whether they’re attending the day or evening ceremony. This will help you keep on top of the headcount and makes sending out the invites a less daunting task.

P.S. It’s also probably best to ask the very important guests the dates they definitely can’t make so you can make a note for when it comes to booking the venue.

Book Your Dream Venue and Date

A summer sanctuary or a winter wonderland? Whichever your choice, snap your dream venue up as soon as possible. You don’t want to be settling for second best!

Once everything is confirmed, start designing your wedding invites to be sent out six to eight weeks before the big day.

Select A Wedding Theme 

Now that you’ve booked the venue, it’s time to choose a theme for your special day. This is the chance to add a touch of personality, so don’t be afraid of straying from the status quo. From an all day festival to small tributes to your favourite film, there’s ample opportunity to make it a magnificent day to remember.

Research Florists, Cake Makers, Photographers, And Entertainment

You won’t be able to make any big decisions overnight, so start collecting the contact details of your favourite florists, cake makers, photographers, and entertainment that coordinated with your theme. Take a look at any of their case studies and reviews so you’ve got a good idea of what to expect on the day.

Throw An Engagement Party

You’re probably in the mood to party now that you’ve started wedding planning. So why not celebrate your engagement with your loved ones? Pick a date, prepare the refreshments, and invite the special guests via Padoq.

Remember, everyone you invite to the engagement party will need to be on the wedding guest list, so choose wisely!

Wedding Dress Fitting 

It’s time to say yes to the dress, the moment you’ve been dreaming of for as long as you can remember. You’ll need to have at least three fittings before the big day, so be sure to book in a weekend with the bride squad on Padoq to help you choose ‘the one’.

Get Your Bride Squad Together

You can’t have a wedding without your best friends by your side. We can be sure that you’ll already know who’s made the cut without any thought, so why wait around any longer? There’s a lot to organise: dresses, shoes, accessories, hair and make-up… the list goes on.

Get your bride squad together with a separate padoq and make it a stress-free occasion. Quickly arrange meet-ups, book dress fittings, and share any important details for the big day.

Planning a hen do? Read our blog for top advice on organising the bride to be’s epic celebration!

Don’t Forget The Best Man Duties

The best man for the job will need to be kitted out too if you’re wanting a speech that will leave the whole room in stitches! Organise a day to get your suits fitted and chat over the do’s and don’ts of his big debut (that’s if you don’t trust him to get the job done alone!)

And if the best man needs any help with planning your stag do, send him over to our blog on organising an unforgettable outing with Padoq!

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Seating Arrangement

Avoid any family feuds and awkward silences with a perfected seating arrangement. Placing guests on a table with those of a similar age that share the same interests is a great way of encouraging them to mingle, but be careful that you don’t leave anyone with complete strangers! We recommend that you start with your immediate family and work your way from there; it will take a few drafts in Padoq to come to a final decision. 

Here Comes The Bride

You can’t all possibly cram into a couple of cars, not without ruining someone’s dress anyway! Besides, as tradition goes, the groom shouldn’t be seeing the bride in her dress before she walks down the aisle. You’ll need to book your transportation in advance to guarantee a smooth journey for all parties.

Plan Your Honeymoon

You might as well plan your honeymoon whilst you’re in the organisation zone. The days leading up to the wedding can get pretty stressful, so you deserve to get away for a week or two in paradise. Use Padoq to save the best holiday packages and keep hold of important booking references. 

Hopefully, you’ll now be feeling a little calmer about organising your dream wedding! Download Padoq today and make the happiest day of your life stress-free.