How To Make The Most Out Of Parkrun With Padoq


Regardless of your age, speed, or experience, running as a pack with the parkrun community can be a whole lot of fun. But we all know that getting out of bed for an early jog is often a difficult feat; excuses start to fly until you’re eventually sat at the kitchen table with a greasy fry up.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Changing your approach each week and being active in your local parkrun padoq is a great way to stay motivated. Lace up your running shoes and gather your mates for our ultimate guide to parkrun!

Run For A Cause

Weaving a sponsored element into your parkrun is a wonderful way of raising awareness for an important cause. Whether you’re planning on hitting a certain distance over a month or running in costume, be sure to let the whole group know for additional support. Choose a charity close to your heart, ask your fellow parkrunners in Padoq for donations, and start fundraising!

Add Some Friendly Competition

Why not make parkrun a weekly competition and challenge your friends to beat your time? Share your Strava or Fitbit results in your Padoq, throw in some cheesy certificates, and crown a winner each week to keep everyone on their toes.

Switch Parkrun Locations

Make a day of it and try out another parkrun! Taking the same route each week can become monotonous, so switch things up with a group roadtrip; you’d be surprised at how much your running improves in fresh surroundings. Beach parkruns are incredible during the summer months and there’s a chance to make new friends while exploring…so what are you waiting for?

Coordinated Chasers

If motivation is lacking, matching with your mates and turning a 5k into a fun run is guaranteed to keep the whole community entertained. From running in your pyjamas to dressing as superheroes, there’s so many costumes to choose from that will help make exercising fun again.

Bring A Running Buddy

Did you know that your dog can join in some parkruns too? If those puppy eyes leave you feeling guilty every time you leave the house on a Saturday morning, then it’s probably time you brought them along. After all, we can’t always rely on our friends to make it each week. Dogs remain loyal and they’ll absolutely love the exercise! 

One for the checklist: Double check with your local parkrun to see whether they’re pet friendly and come and join the dog padoq. 

Run And Talk

You know you’ve achieved the perfect running pace when you’re able to comfortably talk to the person next to you. Having a good chat on the track makes the time fly and it’s a great chance to finally catch up with everyone. You could even ensure their spirits remain high by organising a post parkrun social. Set up a padoq to find out what everybody fancies doing!


parkrun marshal

Volunteering is a great way of getting involved even when you don’t feel up to running. The organisers always need an extra helping hand with marshalling, timing, result recording, and much more. Get stuck in and do your bit for the running community.

Already a volunteer? Gather your troops with a parkrun padoq. Reach out to potential volunteers, post available duties, and keep everybody updated by sharing a handy timetable.

You’re now set to freshen up your parkrun routine. Download Padoq today to meet fellow parkrunners!

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