How To Host A First-Class Graduation Ceremony

It’s grad season! Celebrations are in order and there’s nothing quite like rounding off the academic year with a first-class graduation ceremony. But planning this big day isn’t an easy task. Thousands of students and their families are counting on you to commemorate the end of their degree in style. Try not to panic! We’ve compiled a handy ceremony checklist for you to refer to every step of the way. 

Send Out The Graduation Invites

What’s a graduation without graduates? Members of staff will need to invite the special guests in advance so that you have a good idea of the numbers you’ll be dealing with. If you already have a padoq for your university, then you’ve made this job ten times easier! If not, then listen closely. Download Padoq and create a padoq for your university. You have plenty of time to build up your community before the big day, so start sending out the invite link via social media, email, and post. 

Once you have the majority of your third years in the padoq, start filtering through your graduation content. This could include promotional artwork such as posters, or something as simple as a post that will instantly show up in the graduates’ home feed. This way, they’ll have the end of year celebrations at the front of their mind when they eventually receive the official invite via post. 

Ticket Sales 

You’ll be glad to know that graduation ticket sales can be made through the tap of a button with Padoq. Whether you choose to just have a padoq within our original app or decide to have your own app built on our infrastructure, collecting payments has never been easier. Keep all of your finances in one place and quickly send reminders close to the deadline.

Dressed For The Occasion

The gown and cap really does complete the academic look. You’ll hopefully already have a rental company in mind, so be sure to give them plenty of notice for the next graduation. Students can then book and pay for their outfits via your handy link in Padoq!

Getting The Venue Ready

The venue encapsulates the end of an incredible three years and should therefore look fit for royalty. You’ll need to organise the seating arrangements, graduate programme, gown collection, the bar, merchandise, and so much more. Use Padoq to store a checklist and delegate tasks. 

Brain Food

A special occasion requires equally lavish refreshments to keep the guests happy all day long. Research any local caterers that are able to meet your budget and requirements, then let everybody know what’s on the menu with your graduation padoq. All there’s left to do is hand the honorary guests a glass of bubbly! 

Capture The Special Moments 

Everybody appreciates having some of their happiest memories framed for their personal wall of fame, so why not hire a photographer and watch as those smiles continue to beam? Even if they don’t have time to purchase their photographs on the day, most students and their families will want a digital copy – remember to share a link in Padoq for easy access!

Graduation Trinkets

Nobody can resist owning at least one item of university merchandise to mark the end of an era. Whether it’s clothing, water bottles, stationary, or personalised teddy bears, there’s something for everybody. Plus, if there’s anything left over, you could sell merchandise via Padoq for any students that missed out! 

Feeling ready to take on graduation? Download Padoq today or get in touch for your own university app built on Padoq’s infrastructure.