The Home Feed

The Padoq feed is the home for all your communities. In one space, you can manage your padoqs, engage with content from each of your groups, keep track of any upcoming events, and so much more. We’re here to break down the Padoq homefeed so that you’re getting the most out of its functionality.

Using Categories

The power of the hashtag works wonders in the Padoq home feed. Naturally, you’ll want to keep up to date with specific topics from each of your communities, so we’ve come up with a tool that highlights this content in your home feed. 

If you’re an admin of a Padoq, categories allow you to organise your activities effectively; simply place specific content under a selected hashtag. Then, whenever one of your members searches this topic, relevant posts, events, and media will appear on their screen, giving them easy access to the news that is important to them. 

The Calendar

There are many benefits to using an online shared calendar. Why use the one in the kitchen that everybody forgets to check when you can all access and receive handy notifications from the Padoq calendar? 

The Padoq calendar displays all the events that you’re invited to in a padoq, confirmed or declined, allowing you to clearly see when things are happening. Don’t forget, there’s also the useful User Calendar under “My Page” available to help you stay extra organised! 

Discover how the Padoq calendar can help you plan your upcoming event. 

Viewing Posts

Never miss a post again thanks to the efficient Padoq home feed. Along the top bar you’ll see that your padoqs are all lined up for quick and easy access. Whenever someone posts in one of the padoqs, you’ll see the blue notification dot appear that ensures you’re always staying in the loop! New posts also appear in the home feed and you can choose whether to see them in chronological order or filter by trending. 

Commenting On Posts 

The people you meet in a Padoq community could become lifelong friends if you make the effort to regularly engage with them. You can comment on posts that catch your eye in the Padoq home feed, tag another user, and add a category. Commenting isn’t the only way to communicate with your fellow padoq members, which brings us on to using direct chat.

Pinning Posts

Want to keep hold of a post? Have some exciting news to share? Need your members to remember something? The pinning function allows you to keep your important posts and announcements at the top of the page so that nobody misses out. You can then access your pinned posts via “My corkboard”.

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