Helping Communities To Thrive Online

Over the past year, Padoq has evolved to service a number of markets, with solutions ranging from our free to use product right through to highly scalable enterprise solutions. At the heart of all our offerings sits the tools and technology to allow people to engage, inform and collaborate more effectively, building online communities that thrive.

Given the past few week’s developments and the potentially difficult months ahead, I felt it would be useful to give my network an overview of our solutions, and how we are making our solutions as accessible as possible to businesses and communities over the coming months.

It’s a scary time for everyone, but we do have a product that can make a difference – so it is up to us to make this as easy as possible for everyone to access. I felt that writing a blog would be a good place to start.

As a top-level summary we have 3 solutions:

Padoq for Communities – A free solution that can allow you to get up a community in minutes.

Branded Padoq Community Apps – Set up your own branded community app in days.

Padoq for Enterprise – Within weeks build a bespoke multi-purpose app with community at its heart.

More on everything else below… Hopefully, this is useful in bringing together people right now to make a difference!

Padoq for Communities – Our Free To Use Community Platform.

We launched our free to use Padoq app in 2018, and it is now used by businesses, communities and sports teams all across the globe. The concept is simple – You download the app and create boundaried spaces (padoqs!) for engagement (You can view all the features in this video).

Whilst platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack are providing users now with effective tools for home working, a ‘padoq’ can provide a single destination for corporate communications, away from chat-based platforms which are getting noisier and noisier. The platform is free to use and a group can be set up in minutes – Try it out!

A few examples of what a padoq can do for your business and communities are listed below:

Pulling together communities of likeminded professionals in certain industries to share advice, opportunities and support during these difficult times.

Create public and private spaces for engagement within your organisation.

Discussions, microblogging and announcements all in one place, with content tagging and member tagging to provide organisation.

Facilitate secure private chat between members.

Photo/video sharing, document management and event planning.

Poll and survey your workforce in one environment, separate to day to day discussion space.

Provide a directory of members and quickly collect information from everyone.

Sending push notifications out to members to alert them to important announcements / information.

The platform is completely FREE to use, and you retain complete ownership and control of your data.

You can download Padoq on iOS, Android now, or access the platform through our web-based portal via the links below:




Branded Padoq Community Apps

For larger communities and workforces, we understand there is a resistance towards sending users towards a free 3rd party product, as well as additional requirements around information collection, data control and management. We offer a branded version of the Padoq app for this very reason.

This allows you to get a branded iOS, Android and Web Platform for your organisation, mirroring all the features available in our free Padoq app. You then have the ability to create as many groups (Padoqs!) as you like for stakeholders, that sits within your own ring-fenced environment.

We have additional control mechanisms in place with branded apps, allowing you to auto-enroll users to specified groups on sign up, as well as customise your onboarding flows to ensure all the information you require is captured. Additionally, we provide a full backend dashboard for managing and monitoring usage, as well as allowing you to export data for your organisation.

An example of one of our clients using this effectively is the UK IT Leaders, a network of CTO’s and CIO’s across the country, who use the platform to engage in a no-sales environment across boundaried groups relevant to their region. This past weekend, they set up an additional dedicated group for discussing COVID-19 related issues, sharing best practises and support with each other as to how they can effectively tackle the challenges the Corona Virus has brought to the workplace.covid 19 advice group

Covid 19 Padoq

Given the recent movement towards a remote working environment, and the need for more effective communication, we are offering organisations cost price branded community apps, that can be made available to you within weeks.

Additionally, if you want to help bring an industry together and feel you have the connections to help do this – please get in touch – We will support you in any way we can!

Padoq For The Enterprise

Padoqs core offering today sits in the enterprise space, and involves us reconfiguring and extending the platform to match a number of different business needs. Born out of community, we offer apps to solve a number of different use cases for organisations at a fraction of the normal time and cost of building something bespoke.

As the usage of apps has grown over the past decade, the barriers to launching them for organisations remains high. Additionally, apps are expensive to maintain, bearing high ongoing costs to keep them up to date as new operating systems and phones are launched.

Padoq apps sit off of a central codebase, and are continually updated and supported as part of our licence fee. We have extended our community software to cover a number of different useful functions (booking systems, payment collection and reporting tools), with these functions layered under a customisable menu system (we call it ‘the tile’ menu) that can be shaped to match your user’s needs. Due to our role-based administration system, we can offer different users access to different areas of the apps based on their permissions.

The key customisation piece in these apps comes in us connecting to your existing processes and systems, which we do via API’s to ensure we can display and send data as required. This allows your branded app to become a key part of your overall engagement piece with your customers, employees, stakeholders or followers. We are providing these services for a number of companies – saving them costs, improving processes and efficiencies and building and bringing together communities.

Whilst we are currently overhauling our online material, and overview of Padoq for enterprise can be found here. 

It is through our enterprise offerings that our business model is built out upon – relying on larger app builds and recurring revenue. Like many businesses, the current climate brings a risk to our company, and the months ahead may be tough and scary. I count ourselves lucky that we are in the world of digital, and we can still keep up productivity up through remote working – I have many friends who’s businesses will be far more affected than ours, and as a result, want to offer our solutions to as many people as possible.

If you believe Padoq can help your organisation in any way, whether it be through using our free application, a branded community app or a completely bespoke mobile app solution – please do get in touch! We will do what we can!

Wishing everyone positivity and support through the next few months!

Mike ( if you’d like to get in touch).