The Brilliant Groups of Manchester


No matter your interests, I’m sure this list will have something that tickles your fancy. Manchester has it all – from pole dancing groups to scrabble nights! Attending these events won’t just get you out the house; it’ll give you the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.


Manchester Sceptic Society @GMSkeptics

Fancy yourself as a sceptic? Go along to an MSS meeting, there’s usually about two every month held in different venues around Manchester. Go and critique people’s extraordinary theories or present one of your own to see if it can stand up to the critical analysis of the keen sceptics!


Laughing Yoga

This one’s unusual, but doesn’t it sound like fun? It’s quite self-explanatory, you turn up to the once monthly event, do yoga and laugh. Laughing yoga has therapeutic effects, it allows people to relax, release tension and most importantly – enjoy themselves! I think this would be a great way for anyone to spend their time, no matter their age.


Mad Walkers @madwalkers 

Mad walkers are a part of the rambler’s association, they hold 2 walks every week – one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday. The walks are graded in difficulty, some suitable for new walkers, some only for the seasoned hiker. This one is definitely worth checking out if you are in to walking, it offers a great means of meeting new people with similar interests.


Segway tours

Fancy a tour of the beautiful Tatton Park? Why not do it on a Segway? Tatton Park is one of the UK’s oldest complete estates with breath-taking views all around. Can you think of a better way to explore the forested wonderland, than on an exhilarating Segway tour? I thought not!


Paintballing @Paintballarena

Does excruciating pain sound like your idea of fun? If so get yourself down to “Manchester Paintball Arena”. You and a group of friends can go and test your marksmanship and teamwork, at a game of paintball. It’s exciting and tactical but it doesn’t half hurt when you get hit!


Spinning class

Go and suffer and take yourself to the limits with a group of other aspiring athletes. I couldn’t think anything better to do after work on a Thursday evening. Ok that’s not 100% true… but if you’re not as lazy as I am, I’m sure this would be a great way to stay in shape and meet new people.


Bingo @BluePigMcr 

Bingo! You must think I’m joking. I’m not, bingo really can be fun. ‘OINK! Punk Bingo’ is held every Wednesday at ‘The Blue Pig’. Included in the £1 ticket is a shot of tequila, not by any means my favourite beverage… but a free drink is a free drink! This one is a great laugh, definitely worth a visit.



Get this one in your diary – the first Sunday of every month in Sand Bar MCR is the day! The clash of the titans! Scrabble enthusiasts come together and battle it out with words. Personally I just get frustrated when playing scrabble and just play the most inappropriate words I can – to the horror of my grandmother! However, if scrabble is your thing – go get involved.


Have a kick about

We know Manchester is famous for its footy, so we couldn’t have a Manchester to do list without including this. ‘Turn up and play’ is a great initiative, it’s held every Thursday and Sunday evening in Didsbury. People of all ages, abilities and backgrounds come together for a mini tournament! Anybody is welcome, and it costs just £3.50 a session.


We ran a poll in our Padoq, and the full results (in random order) are below:

  1. Nordic walking –
  2. Pole dancing –
  3. Manchester sceptic society –
  4. Laughing yoga –
  5. The cuddle network –
  6. Manchester furry convention –
  7. Mad rambling –
  8. Spice Manchester –
  9. Women’s choir –
  10. Oink punk bingo –
  11. Running club –
  12. Become a Scientologist –
  13. Segway tour –
  14. Paintballing –
  15. Spinning class –
  16. Turn up and play football –
  17. Dog meetup –
  18. Go to a language exchange –
  19. Scrabble meetup –
  20. Cycling social club –


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