Getting Started

Padoq is the platform for communities of all shapes and sizes. Download the app for free and discover the simplicity of organising with powerful tools for posts, events, chatting, and payment creation. Here’s everything you need to get started on Padoq. 

Creating A Padoq Account

Become an active member today and create your Padoq profile. Signing up is simple. Enter your email, set your location, choose a display name and picture, and customise your interests. The next step is to create a padoq.

Starting A Padoq

Creating a space for your own community has never been easier! Come up with a memorable name and add a concise description before personalising the padoq with a profile photo and colour scheme. You can then identify the type of padoq and add interests so users can find it.

Joining Padoqs

Find like-minded padoq members and stay in control of the content that appears in your feed. Search via interests, categories, events, and location before requesting to join a padoq you like the look of! 

Managing your Padoqs

From your ‘My Padoqs’ page, you can access your padoq information, manage your member list, invite members, scroll through any documents, and control the padoq’s privacy settings. Choose which padoqs are most important to you with the arrange function, in the top right corner.

When you have joined or created your padoqs, relevant information will then start to pull through onto your homescreen.

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