Plan Events

Simple event management tools - Pick a
date, time and location before inviting
members to your event.


Keep the conversation on topic, with
organised discussions within which
everyone can have an opinion.

Collect Payments

Request and collect money from the group or individuals. You can even collect additional information from them as you do this!

Chase Payments

No more painful conversations chasing
payments. Use Padoq to find and notify
payment stragglers.

Share Files & Photos

Easily share the important things with the
other members of your Padoq.

Poll Decisions

Find out when works for the group, Gauge
their opinions and make everyone’s
feedback matter with flexible polls.


Use the power of the Padoq to collectively
review anything directly in the Padoq.


Easily collect information from your
members with question based surveys.
Make the answers public or private
depending on your needs.

Organiser Control

Welcome, report, moderate - create the
environment you want in your Padoq.


Customise the colours of your Padoq to personalise it to your community.


(Coming Soon)

Take your Padoq and place it inside your existing website to encourage on site engagement.

Earn Money

(Coming Soon)

Approve relevant adverts into your community and earn a share of the profits for doing so!


Organising Made Simple.

Want to speak with us about using Padoq for your community?