Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Padoq FAQ - here we are going to answer questions you or others may have about the Padoq platform, our values, and our plans for the future.

We are a team of frustrated founders who became disenchanted with how difficult it was to get groups together. We decided to do something about it. Padoq simplifies the way groups and communities engage and socialise. We believe in creating safe, productive and private online environments for everyone.
Padoq is available on iOS and Android, as well as accessible through the web at
Padoq is free to use.
People live their lives in communities of interest, with different personalities within the different groups within which they interact. We have designed a platform which allows you to be your true-self within these communities of interest, while layering in the tools for productivity as a group. You can read more about our company values here:
On Padoq you don’t have a profile that anyone can view. You do however have a persona in each Padoq you join. Members of Padoqs you are in will be able to see posts made by that persona, your persona name and profile image. Members of each Padoq you are in will not be aware of memberships you have to other Padoqs.
We collect two pieces of Personal Information from you from which you could be identified; your Email address (to identify your account), and your Date of Birth (to ensure people don’t see inappropriate content). We also allow Admins to collect additional information about you as you join their Padoq. This information is purely for the purpose of running the group, and the Admin of the group will be the controller of this data. Please ensure you don’t pass on Personal Information without knowing who the administrator is and what they are using the information for.
Padoq has been designed as a place for good people to do good things. We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, terrorism or bullying. If you are planning on breaking the law, Padoq is not the place to do this.
We want people to feel safe on Padoq. Whilst Padoqs themselves have the opportunity to self-police through a variety of reporting tools, we withhold the right to remove anyone who we deem to be breaking our community standards
Primarily we plan to make money through advertising to users based on their collective interests within a Padoq. If you are the Admin of the group you will be offered adverts relevant to that Padoq and you have the option approve them (on an individual basis) into your group as a post if you deem them appropriate.
As a group administrator, yes - we would suggest then using this money earned for the benefit of the collective group, or for charitable purposes. We will be launching our shared advertising model soon and Admins will be able to access this by selecting their adverts tab. We will be rolling this out to groups with the most engaged and active users primarily.
We advertise based on the interests of the Padoq and never through Personal Information. We believe advertising is more effective, appropriate and moral if you see relevant things whilst you are in the mindset of engaging with that topic or interest.
At present we also make a small amount of money through the withdrawal of payments from Padoq. However long term we would like to enable free bank to bank transfers through Padoq.
You can create a Padoq account by heading to or by downloading the App on iPhone or Android.
If you have forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve them by selecting the forgotten password link when trying to login to the app or website.
To create a Padoq, select the ‘view all Padoqs’ Icon on the Homefeed. You will then see a list of all Padoqs you are a member of as well as the ‘Create Padoq’ icon. Selecting this will begin the "Create a Padoq" process.
You can invite members to a Padoq by going to settings and selecting ‘Invite members’. This will product an invite link which you can share with members. When they select the invite link it will pull them into the relevant app store if they do not have the app, and then into your Padoq once they have signed up.
You can change the privacy settings of your Padoq in the settings screen within the Padoq. A Padoq can be public (it will appear in the explore screen and anyone can join it), Private (it will appear in the explore screen but you need to request to join and then be approved in by the Admin) or Secret (you will only be able to access the Padoq if you have the link.)
A Padoq can have an unlimited number of members, however it has been designed for functioning organisational groups. You may notice significant performance issues in super-sized Padoqs.
Admins can change various settings of the Padoq in the settings screen found within the Padoq.
Admins can give other members administrator rights by selecting them on the members lists and selecting ‘Make Admin’. Whilst there can be many Admins in a Padoq, there can only be one with the treasurer role. The Admin with the treasurer role will receive all payments to their Padoq wallet.
As an Admin you have the ability to post as your member profile or as the Padoq itself. You can do this by selecting the ‘posting as’ icon when creating a new post. If you post as the Padoq, the post carries a more official status and all Admins in the Padoq will be able to edit this post.
To create a payment request, select new post and then payments (Only available to Admins.) When customising the payment request, you can select whether you want to send it to the whole Padoq, or select individual members to receive the request. You can also collect additional information from the recipients of the request.
To create an event, select new post and then event. You can customise the time and date of the event, and whether it is a paid event or free.
To create a poll, select new post and then poll. There are three different types of polls. A vote allows users to vote on a number of pre-determined outcomes. They can also be customised to allow users to select multiple answers. A review allows the Padoq to collectively rate something in order to get a rating from the Padoq. A survey (Admin only), allows the Admin to set out a series of questions which can be answered by the Padoq members.
To post photos into a Padoq, select next post and then add photos. You may post up to 30 photos per post.
To post a file into a Padoq, select next post and then add file. There is a 10mb size limit per post.
If you see content in Padoq that is inappropriate, you can report it. A reported post will be seen by both the Admin of your Padoq and our content moderation team. We will remove all content which violates our terms of service found here: .
If you are worried that an Admin is violating the Padoq Terms of Service, or using a Padoq for inappropriate means, then you can report the Padoq to our moderation team through the feedback option in the settings section of the ‘Me’ page.
We are very protective around your data, so at present we do not allow anything to be exported from the platform. We will however be offering integrations in the future to export accounting information or collected information from users.
To remove yourself from a Padoq, enter the settings section of the Padoq you wish to leave, scroll down to the bottom of the settings section and select ‘Leave Padoq’. Each Padoq must have an Admin, so if you are the Administrator of a Padoq, please give another user the Admin role before attempting to leave.
To delete your Padoq account, enter the ‘Me' section of the app from the footer bar. Select the settings option and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the ‘request account deletion’ option. If you have financial transactions on your account, a Padoq team member will have to approve your account for final deletion, so the deletion request may take slightly longer.
Once you have deleted your account, all content posted by you in Padoqs will be anonymised. All financial transaction data will still be kept for internal records by the Padoq team. Your personas in these cases will be anonymised and thus not available to other users on the platform. We will remove all settings and data we store about you from our servers within 180 days.
Notification settings are set on a per Padoq basis. To edit your individual Padoq settings, you can go into the Padoq, select settings and then edit the push notification settings for that Padoq.
Your default profile image is set in the ‘Me’ page. Whenever you join a Padoq, you will be asked whether you want to change your profile image for that particular Padoq. Within a Padoq, you can change your profile image by going to settings, selecting your profile and then selecting the image at the top of the screen.
Your email is used to identify you on Padoq. You can edit your email in the settings screen of the ‘Me’ page. You will need to verify the new email address in order to confirm the change.
We will routinely delete older content in Padoqs if it has not been accessed for 6 months.
If your account has not been accessed for 6 months it will be flagged for deletion. You will receive a series of emails that will prompt you before action is taken on this.