Everything You Need To Start A Group Fitness Class

The benefits of a group fitness class are endless.

Now that you’ve passed your personal trainer qualification, it’s about time you got stuck in and shared your expert fitness knowledge with your local community! 

Working out as a group is a fantastic option for many people who would otherwise struggle to find the motivation. Your class could be exactly what they’ve been searching for, so why not take advantage of the demand and build a fitness support group like no other?

With Padoq, you can engage with your members and provide advice at the touch of a button, keep track of class bookings, payments, and so much more for a successful fitness venture. Sounds fun, right?

Here’s everything you need to know about running a fitness class with Padoq:

Take Centre Stage And See Your Name In Shining Lights

As the new trainer in town, you’ll have to work hard to find a handful of fitness lovers that would be willing to try out your classes. Whether you’re incorporating dance or focusing on workouts that are perfect for beginners, highlighting what makes your teaching style different is a great place to start. Hang around the gym with a collection of flyers and try to catch people on their way out (when they’re full of endorphins!) or promote your classes across social media with an eye-catching, memorable post. An introductory offer is also an incentive worth exploring.

Build Your Fitness Community

Once you’ve gathered enough interest, it’s time to start building your community. Come up with a name, grab your branding imagery, and set up a padoq. Invite everybody who signed up and start a conversation! You could ask your members to introduce themselves and share a fact or two to encourage the group to get to know each other before the first class.  

Gym Clothes? Check. Protein Shake? Check. Prep? Check. 

First impressions count so it’s really important that your introductory class is successful. Sure, not everything will be perfect, but you can certainly have a great shot at it when you walk through those studio doors fully prepared. You’ll need to establish the routine, music, choreography, warm up, cool down, and much more in advance to give yourself the best chance at making an unforgettable impression.

Stay Ahead Of The Game With Your Fitness Class Padoq

Padoq makes keeping track of session numbers much easier. When planning your first class, let everybody know the day, time, and location with a quick event creation. Members can confirm whether they’re attending or not more efficiently than if they were to reply via a WhatsApp group chat. You’ll instantly be informed of any no-shows and it’s never been more simple to update your group of any last minute changes. 

Relate To Your Members

Adding a touch of personality to your fitness class will ensure members keep on coming back for more. Let’s face it, working out can get boring, but if you’re switching things up and adding your own twist, there’s little chance of any yawns making an appearance.

Try relating to your members with funny anecdotes whenever they’re struggling to keep up the pace. Constantly being in fitness guru mode might drive your customers away, so make sure each session is lighthearted and encouraging. Use Padoq to gather an understanding of your members fitness goals and adapt your classes weekly to suit their preferences!

Everybody Needs A Gym Buddy

Many people choose to join a fitness group to make new friends, so why not facilitate these friendships with regular socials? Use the Padoq poll feature to decide on an activity that the whole group will enjoy, then get booking!

Tap Into Digital Fitness

With practically everyone embracing the digital world, you’d do well to take advantage of this surge with a fitness platform of your own. Padoq’s infrastructure allows you to build this online community to provide personalised workouts, meal plans, live workouts, demonstrations, and any advice out of hours. Each of these could become a bolt on to your fitness classes, where members have the option to pay via Padoq. The possibilities are endless!

Strike The Work And Play Balance

It’s important that you retain some professionalism when running a fitness class. To keep all eyes on you, you should always be: on time, friendly, approachable, and willing to stay behind to answer any burning questions. Try not to take things too seriously though – you want to ensure the classes are entertaining!


Once your fitness class is truly thriving, you might find that some of your members want to own something that represents the community they’re a part of. So why not answer their wants and needs with your own merchandise line? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – even just a branded gym towel will help embrace the community experience. Purchases can be made via your padoq to make the process ten times easier.

Now that you have what it takes to make your fitness class a success, hit the gym with Padoq and start teaching! We wish you the best of luck in your new venture – download the app here.