Everything You Need To Plan A Hiking Trip

Perfecting the plans for a group hiking trip can often feel like an impossible mountain to climb. Whether you’re a first time explorer or regularly trek through the great outdoors, it’s wise to pack a guide that you can unfold whenever you’re feeling lost. 

Lace up your walking boots, grab a compass, and take a look at our top tips for organising an epic hiking trip with Padoq!

Forget Tip Toeing Around The Hiking Budget

The first step to making your hike a success is collectively deciding on a budget. You don’t want a member of your party storming off in a huff over money in the middle of nowhere, so it’s important that these conversations happen before the trip. Luckily, Padoq broaches the subject for you with a simple collection system and handy payment reminders to save you chasing those dragging their feet. 

Daytime Adventure Or A Week Long Trek?

If you’re a group of first-timers, it’s probably best to avoid setting out on a week long hike just to say that you’ve done it. You should base the length of the adventure on everybody’s fitness levels, so use the polling system in your hiking padoq to make a final decision that’s fair. 

X Marks The Spot

Now that you’ve decided on the adventure length, it’s time to set the scene. Whether you’re planning on staying fairly local for the convenience of home comforts or heading abroad to indulge in the incredible sightseeing, it’s essential that you get the location spot on for a smooth journey. Use Padoq to keep hold of any research including how to get there, costs involved, and accommodation options so that you can easily make an informed choice without having to trawl through the never ending WhatsApp group chats.

Are We There Yet?!

Brace yourselves for the impatient back seat drivers when planning a group hiking trip. Wherever you’re heading, you’ll need to book the transport in advance to ensure nobody gets left behind. Research your options, throw a poll, and let the group know of any costs involved. Remember to send payment reminders to the slow coaches!

Plan The Hike

When it comes to hiking, you can’t just wing it. The route needs to be carefully planned out to avoid any disastrous wrong turns, so it’s best you all chip away at the research before the trip. Take a look online for the recommended routes or if you’re feeling creative, come up with your own route full of twists and turns. 

Dress For The Weather

It’s essential that you check the weather forecast so that you’re not caught out in any torrential showers in your thinnest shorts! As it can be fairly unpredictable, it’s probably best to pack some spare clothes just in case. Share the forecast with your padoq members and pack accordingly. 

Pack The Supplies

Food, drinks, spare clothes, maps, toiletries, sleeping bags…the list goes on. Make a checklist in your hiking padoq so that you’re not leaving anything important behind. You could even delegate responsibilities across the group to make the process easier. 

Camper or Glamper?

Pop the kettle on and put your feet up because it’s finally time to relax. That’s if you’ve got your sleeping arrangements sorted of course! Whether you’re feeling adventurous and fancy a spot of camping or prefer the finer things in life, you’ll all need to come to a decision on the accommodation in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare. If you’re opting for camping, make sure there’s enough tents to go round and that the transport can hold all of your gear! 

Get Your Hiking Gear On

Leaving everything until the last minute and rocking up in sandals is a disaster waiting to happen. You’ll need appropriate shoes, a trekking pole, a jacket in great condition, a strong bag, and a fitness tracking watch if you’re into that kind of thing. Everybody in need of a complete wardrobe revamp? Use Padoq’s event creation to organise your group shopping trip! 

Keep Your Family And Friends In The Loop

Not every hiking trip is a walk in the park. Things can go wrong and it’s important that the people back home know exactly where you are and how long you’ll be away for. Invite them to your hiking padoq and share the plans and check out our blog for more advice on keeping your loved ones updated whilst travelling.

Feeling prepared for the journey ahead? Don’t forget to pack Padoq too! Download the app here.