Events, the Padoq way

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a mandatory staff training session, a gym class or a virtual cooking demonstration, these are ideal moments for creating an event in Padoq. While these events are easy to create in Padoq (we’ve even got a step-by-step guide on how to here), not everyone knows the best way to create them. So here are our top 7 tips on how to create the most effective events… the Padoq way.

1. Choose the right audience first

There will be times when you don’t want your event to be seen by everyone in your group. For example, you want 10 people to see your sales training event rather than all 300 employees who are in your Company group in Padoq. Rather than creating a separate group each time you want to create an event, or even worse bombarding everyone with an event that is not for them, target the people who you want to see your event within your group by selecting the members before you post.

2. Decide on a clear, short event title

It may be tempting to add in lots of detail in your title to ensure people know what your event is about. But don’t waste your time. After all this is just duplicating the information. There’s space to add further information in the description, as well as the location and date. Long event names do not look good on smaller screens and will get cut off.

It may also be tempting to add in excessive amounts of capital letters, exclamation marks and emojis.

“🏓🏆 !! Join Our TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT This Saturday For Your Chance To A Win Prize!! 🏆 🏓”

Instead use a simple and concise title.

 “Table Tennis Tournament”. It’s much easier to read.

3. Write a compelling event description

Your description is where you’ll give important details about the event. Don’t make people search for the basics. Two to three paragraphs is ideal, but remember to be as ‘to the point’ as possible. What will your prospective attendees gain by coming to your event? How do they get to the venue? What is the event schedule? These are the types of questions that people will want to know.

4. Use an event hashtag

Within your event description, make sure to include an event hashtag. Whenever you mention your event, you can then use this so your attendees can filter on your event. Don’t overdo it, more than two hashtags may be a little too much. Nobody likes a #HashtagSpammer.

5. Be specific on timings and location

This tip will help people plan ahead but also keep you organised. Specific locations and times help people to decide whether or not they can attend your event. You’re more likely to get better attendance if you’re specific.

6. Upload an eye-catching photo

Make your event stand out with an eye-catching photo. Not many people know this, but you can also upload a photo or multiple photos in your event post. The main goal here is to grab people’s attention.

7. Boost the event

Once you’ve created your event, boost the post and it’ll keep it at the top of your group page. That way, your event will get seen every time someone goes to your group.

Happy hosting!

We’d love to hear how you use Padoq to promote your events and any tips you’ve picked up. Tweet your tips to us @padoq.

If you don’t have the Padoq app yet and you’re interested in giving it a go, simply search for Padoq in your app store and download. It’s free to use and available on iOS and Android.

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