padoq for engagement

Whether you’re looking for an app to promote and engage your audience with your brand;
or you need a modern intranet solution, Padoq can help.

internal communications

Organisations are using a multitude of applications and mediums for communicating with their internal stakeholders. From email, to telephone, to text message, to third party software, to documentation. Keeping information organised and centralised has never been more difficult.This often means that important communications and documentation are lost or missed, work is duplicated and feedback & 2-way comms methods are confusing or disjointed.

  • Centralise news & communication
  • Segment communities for each work group, office and social groups for more organised communication (these can be open (anyone can view content in the group) or private (individuals must be invited to join))
  • A place to promote and ensure employee wellbeing
  • Take out surveys, votes and discussions between those individuals and groups
  • Produce and show a directory of all members in the company
  • Have direct 1-1+ group chat discussions
  • Centralise document storage (and specify access authority)
  • Centralise event planning
  • An area for issue reporting (feedback, workplace issues, suggestions, ideas) to Head Office/HR, etc. These can be programmed to be anonymous or named or a mix of both.
  • View all activities in a centralised web dashboard.

brand engagement

Whilst social media appears to be a quick and effective method of reaching large numbers of people, running your communications or campaign on social media often means placing your client’s data at the hands of third- parties. You are spending huge sums of money to compete with other companies to attract an audience not directly engaged with your brand.