The Importance of Employee Engagement

Putting the decision regarding whether it’s best to stay at home or go to work aside, many companies find themselves in unchartered territory when it comes to remote working.

For those organisations that can operate remotely, there are of course practical issues around working from home, from tools required to systems access. As we all find ourselves socially isolated from others and managing a whole new set of responsibilities and way of living, it’s easy to overlook the importance of employee communications.

Whilst we’re all used to receiving instruction by email and over the phone, we’re trying to find new ways to plan, collaborate and share with our peers remotely. From an employer perspective, we’re spending money on new digital tools to enable efficient workflows and to keep organisations operating effectively. Even in an office environment, employee engagement is crucial for motivation, recognition and retention. Employee engagement during our current period of lockdown is even more important and as we come to the end of mental health week, we can add employee wellbeing to that list of crucial factors.

Padoq is a community platform that produces branded community applications, building apps to allow organisations to communicate to each arm of their business through one tool.

Padoq is offering its branded community app to deliver a new take on an Intranet solution: to provide important documents and updates, check on employee wellbeing, keep employees motivated and fulfil social responsibility duties.

Our enterprise solution can amalgamate all of your existing applications into one app – contact us to find out more.