Improving Wellbeing: Why Employee Engagement Matters

Walking into the office and saying good morning to your colleagues. Opening up your laptop. Grabbing a crumpet and a cup of tea from the kitchen. Chatting about what you watched last night. Saying hello to next door’s puppy. Popping out for lunch. Heading out after work for a couple of beers.

Employee wellbeing is all of this and more. 

So what happens when this routine isn’t possible? When remote working has changed the way we interact with each other? 

We turn to mobile communities. Our own space where we can stay in touch, reach out to a colleague, organise events, and celebrate even the smallest of achievements.  

Because employees need more than catch up calls and mass emails. 

They need a platform for open communication.

That’s where Padoq comes in. In this blog, we’re going to show you the simple steps to improving employee wellbeing from home with an online community.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Your employees will struggle to be happy in their job if they don’t feel inspired by your organisation’s management and values. 

Making a couple of changes to the way you communicate is the first step to improving employee wellbeing. Take a look at our employee engagement infographic and find out why it’s always worth switching up your strategy:

reasons why you need employee engagement

So How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated?

The working world is pretty chaotic at the moment and employee engagement is probably the last thing on your mind. However, many people are struggling to adapt to the current climate and could really use some extra support from their mentors whilst working from home. Here’s a few quick and easy ideas to get you started.

Improve Your Digital Communication 

Something as simple as creating new, separate Slack channels for each work project can make the world of difference. It gives your employees a chance to share their ideas in a space where their voice can be heard, encourages new starters to ask questions when they’re not quite sure, and opens up plenty of opportunities for feedback and suggestions. 

However, if you’re looking for something more personal, a bespoke mobile app is a great way to ensure you’re making time for your team’s mental health. You’ll be able to catch up with colleagues, organise wellbeing events, provide employee benefits, celebrate individual’s achievements, arrange post-work socials, and so much more.

Communicating On The Go

As many of your employees may soon be choosing to split their hours between home and the office once everything starts returning to normal, there’s never been a better time to introduce a mobile community. It gives them the flexibility to commute into work and catch up with their colleagues without having to drag their laptop back and to, makes them feel less isolated when working from home, and centralises all communication so they don’t have to worry about missing out on important updates when they’re not in the office.

Organise An Event 

Organising an event gives your employees something to look forward to, especially when they’ve had a busy week. Online quizzes are all the rage at the moment, along with virtual beers and online games like Skribblio. Though they typically only tend to last around half an hour, you’ll find that some of the attendees will stick around for a chat once the event has come to a close. These interactions outside of the office do wonders for both their wellbeing and work relationships.

Reward Your Team’s Efforts

If an employee has gone above and beyond for your company, be sure to make it clear that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary; just letting the team know that they’ve done a good job with a celebratory announcement post can be really meaningful.

Keep Everybody Updated 

Employees that are kept in the loop are more likely to be content at work. So whether you’ve made changes to your flexible working policy or need to hire a new team member, it’s best to let everybody in your online community know at the same time. With a personalised app, you can quickly store important documents in a secure space, allowing your employees to take a look whenever they need.

Own A Social Collaboration Tool Today

Your employees want effective digital communication; Padoq makes it possible with a bespoke app designed around you. Contact us today with your requirements and one of the team will be happy to help.