padoq apps for retail & e-commerce

drive higher engagement and increase conversions

If you don’t already have an e-commerce app, Padoq provides a full e-commerce solution from product information database to checkout and after sales.

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with an e-commerce app built on the Padoq platform you can:

  • Increase your customer base by reaching those who can’t attend stores due to geographical or physical reason

  • Increase your potential sales which are limited to stock levels in store

  • Improve accessibility with products available for purchase 24 hours a day

  • Improve user experience, allowing customers to browse at their own leisure

  • Use real time metrics to better understand your audience’s shopping habits and interactions

  • Build a community around your brand

already have an app but fancy a change?

If you’re looking to rebuild your existing solution, Padoq can help. With a dedicated project manager, we can ensure a smooth transition and quick delivery.

We continually update the platform when new phones and operating systems are developed, meaning budgets usually set aside for UX/UI updates can be used elsewhere. We endeavour to provide cost savings up front and long term.