Customer success story: urbanbubble

Today, we have another customer success story today from Padoq, and this time it’s another property client of ours. Meet urbanbubble, who provide luxury accommodation in and around Manchester. We helped them through the first COVID-19 lockdown back in March, with extremely wholesome results.

The challenge

As one of the North West’s fastest-growing residential property managers, urbanbubble needed to innovate to ensure they could deliver the highest standard of customer care during the Covid-19 lockdown. They needed a way to motivate and engage residents of apartments across Manchester remotely. They required a partner that could empower them to build and launch an innovative and engaging online community platform at speed.

The solution

To support all of their tenants through an unprecedented situation like the Covid-19 crisis, the app needed to be accessible and easy to use. In creating the app, urbanbubble required to focus on their core values of useful, engaging and innovative work. They wanted the app to help their tenants transition to life under lockdown. Therefore, they knew that maintaining communication and building a sense of community was more important than ever.

The customer success outcome

The urbanbubble app provides a ‘cyber community’ tailored to the needs of people in specific residential developments. Described as a ‘place to connect with your community’, the app gives residents access to a wide range of lifestyle and work-related events and features including a weekly programme of events, with a positive message of: “Together, we have got this.”

The app is empowering urbanbubble to continue and even increase its events programme to support the whole urbanbubble community. Aiming to offer something for everyone, the events schedule is varied. This includes a virtual pub quiz, cooking classes, book club, family fun quiz, and other events for children. Our low-code platform enabled us to deliver all of this in 4 weeks, whilst working remotely.


“We’ve always been big on community building for our residents and now more than ever, so we built an app with Padoq allowing them to chat with neighbours, join virtual events, view key documents and much more.”

Michael Howard, MD of urbanbubble