Why You Should Choose Padoq Over WhatsApp For Organising

organising with padoq

Organising a get together amid packed schedules and muted group chats has grown increasingly frustrating. Take the WhatsApp ping pong match as an example. It’s all talk and no action. Like-minded individuals are forced to bounce between multiple apps just to get a response.

But what if you could have all the people who matter in one space?

Changing The Social Space

Padoq gives you free rein within your communities to make organisation simple. In one app, you can manage your favourite groups, sports team, and hobbies, taking all the stress out of who’s coming, who’s paid, and what’s going on.

Ready to organise effectively? Let’s explore Padoq’s comprehensive range of tools that have changed the social space for the better.

Bringing People Together

We believe in the power of communities. Your five-a-side may sound amazing on paper but the thought of organising it on WhatsApp is often met with a sigh. Padoq eases the planning process with an all-in-one structure, bringing people with shared interests together in a safe environment. Whether it’s organising your team, planning a trip or event, or raving over a hobby, Padoq has it all.

Lock Up Your Data

Organise events in your own way. Time and time again we see apps on the market monetising users’ personal data, so we’ve designed a platform that puts you in control of the data you share. Each of your Padoq’s are separate spaces that can be public, private, or secret, and any information shared is kept within each Padoq.

There’s no need to tone down your personality either. We understand that you’re a different person in work, with your family and with your friends. Padoq’s structure replicates this, with the option to create a new display name and picture in each Padoq you join. Be yourself in all your different Padoqs.

Capture Opinions

It’s difficult to avoid disagreement in a group chat; awkward timings and inconvenient locations cause unnecessary stress for the whole party. Padoq’s discussion and poll features allow you to gather member information and make decisions collectively. Vote on when and where is best to catch up to keep the squad smiling.

Event Creation

Has your band got a gig coming up? Or maybe you have an engagement party to shout about? Don’t let your special day get lost in the depths of instant messaging or shared work calendars. Open up Padoq and note down the date, location, time, number of spaces, and any costs involved. Planning has never been easier, so get inviting!

Very Important Guest List

You’ve sorted the why, when, and where. Now it’s time for the who. Use Padoq to keep track of those who have listed themselves as a fellow adventurer. Start up a private conversation as the perfect host and ask them anything from their airport attire to their dietary requirements!

Sharing The Buzz

Coordinate conversations with important files, moments, and announcements. Discovered the latest running trend? Be sure to let your group know! The option to share within your Padoq is a great way of building excitement, highlighting the essentials, and reliving the moment.

Take The Awkward Out Of Payments

Being behind a phone screen doesn’t stop payment conversations from being awkward. Padoq can broach the subject for you. Collecting money for tickets, merch, or a deposit with our request and remind functions is as easy as sending a text. Catch the inevitable stragglers and get them to commit without the painful double message.

Download Padoq Today

Plan. Play. Meet. Relax. Take the stress out of organisation and enjoy being part of the group again! Download Padoq for free on The App Store or Google Play to start organising effectively.

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