case study: vita student

Branded mobile app that replaced an expensive bespoke solution at a fraction of the cost. With the added benefit of reducing service effort, thereby releasing investment in year.


the background

Vita Student delivers the UK’s best student accommodation  experience to University Students across the UK. It’s essential that  they offer this tech-savvy demographic the ability to interact via first class digital products.

They were looking for a premium platform to replace their costly bespoke mobile app that did not optimise or showcase their services and spaces.

They needed a solution that delivered excellent customer service digitally, more crucially could help them build strong communities  within their buildings.

The running costs of their existing solution was inhibiting their ability to grow and scale. Their premium offering was not being backed by a premium offering.


the solution

Padoq provided an Ios and Android ready app, with community and bookings at the heart of it. With security, data rights and maintenance for ongoing piece of mind.

Central to the app are the communities, which come out  of the box but were then configured to meet Vita student’s  exact requirements. Now Vita can build and manage their  own social communities, to suit a range of needs.

Vita Student needed the ability to reduce call times, by enabling self service. By default reduce the effort required to manual serve 

The app is used from the second students move in, allowing  them to onboard themselves quickly and easily. Completing  snag lists, benefitting from Vita’s VIP discounts and getting  access to amenities in the building make it a highly functional and sticky solution.


the benefit

The Vita Student app was delivered in under 3 months, providing a self service approach to bookings and engagement capability for each community.

  • Over 60% reduction in OPEX
  • 100’s of customer service man days saved per annum
  • Ability to redeploy staff
  • Increased attendance at Vita events
  • During the pandemic
  • Ability to invest in new features


the testimonial

“We were really impressed with the eagerness from Padoq to really get the most out of the platform for Vita Student. The team have a can-do attitude, a passion for the product and an aspirational viewpoint to make the product do the most it can for us. Everyone really believes in what Padoq is and has a real passion for it.”

Jonathan Tizard, Technology Director, Vita Student