case study: pagoda projects

Branded mobile app delivered in 3 weeks that enabled Pagoda Projects to trial personal workspaces for their students. Full rollout 1 month later that offered a secure, personalised share space for students, employees and sponsors to connect.


the background

Pagoda Projects provide international work experience programmes focused on developing positive international relations through the exchange of cultures, customs and foreign languages.

They were looking for a platform that enabled them to provide their growing number of students with a personalised space to access relevant resources, support and information – in addition to a centralised area for employees and sponsors to more efficiently organise activities and communicate.

Traditional methods of communication were time consuming and disconnected, plus access to information for the students was difficult. They required a cost-effective scalable solution that met with the technological expectations of the global student population.

Their turnaround time was less than 1 month before the next intern intake.  They had nearly 100 new intakes which would need to scale to 5,000 over 7 destinations worldwide in addition to 15 different sponsors, from the government to universities in the future.


the solution

Padoq provided an Ios and Android ready app, with personalisation and scalability at the heart of it. With security, data rights and maintenance for ongoing piece of mind.

The app has allowed Pagoda Projects to quickly create individual spaces, segmented resource areas, direct chat feature and shared community groups for students. This not only improves communication between Pagoda, sponsors and students, but also allows for better student support and an overall superior experience for all parties.

With a centralised resource for managing and organising their activities, Pagoda Projects have a cost-effective solution which can grow as their participant numbers grow, with reduced need for time spent on management administration and no increase in overheads. 

With operational efficiency at the forefront the platform has given them the capability to rollout to 000’s of students.


the benefit

The Pagoda Projects app was delivered in pilot mode to full business mode in 2 months

  • Local trial to global rollout in weeks
  • 100% adoption and engagement
  • Average dwell time of 7 mins per day
  • Personalised space for every student
  • Reduction in management time per student


the testimonial

We love working with Padoq. Our app has been transformational for our business and the process of bringing it to life has been seamless. The team are friendly and responsive, which has made the process of customizing the app to suit our needs feel very collaborative. We have big ambitions and we feel like we can trust Padoq to deliver a reliable and flexible technology solution as part of our future growth

Jamie Bettles, Managing Director, Pagoda Projects

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