Building An Online Community With Padoq

building an online community

Establishing an online community is a fantastic way of encouraging individuals to actively engage with your brand. Yet many business owners fail to hit the mark when it comes to understanding their audience. Automated responses and unread messages leave users feeling excluded, discouraging them from interacting with the brand in future. 

So How Can Padoq Help Build A Successful Online Community?

Padoq is the platform for communities that’s changing up social. With everything in one space, our app takes the stress out of brand communication. The option to create individual posts helps identify important topics and questions, while polling features enables you to thoroughly understand your audience’s wants and needs.

Getting Started – Name, Focus, and Description

Now that you understand the benefits of an online community, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice. Firstly, you’ll need a name that’s on brand so that your audience can easily find you. Ensure your logo is clear on the padoq group image and that you’ve defined your reasons for creating the group from the get go – this will help keep you focused when members start rolling in.

Posting Valuable Content

Your members will want to be part of a valuable community. Before sending the padoq link out on social media, prepare some fun, on brand content to post on a daily basis. This will get the conversation going with new members; once they see the amount of effort put into the padoq’s construction, they’ll be encouraged to engage.

One to remember: Try to make the content exclusive to the padoq group so that members can see the benefits of joining. If you’re just reposting from your other social media apps, users will be tempted to leave the group.

Show Off Your Brand Personality

Fostering a community on Padoq feels much more personal than having business emails bouncing back and forth. Take advantage of this approach and build trust with your members by embracing your brand personality. You could introduce the faces behind the brand or simply chat with your community without any headache-inducing jargon…however you approach it, your members will be grateful for the warm welcome.

Efficient Customer Support

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting to hear back on a refund you sent off weeks ago. Avoid displeasing your customers with exemplary customer support through Padoq. Thanks to our efficient payment solutions, members can ask a question in a post, comment, or private message to then be refunded via Padoq. Having everything in one space really does ease the customer support process.

Gather Opinions

Once you’ve got a good number of people in your padoq, it’s time to find out what they really want from your community. With our poll feature, you can quickly gather member opinions so that you can cater your material to their wants and needs, enhancing the customer experience. Providing your customers with a platform to have their say will make them feel valued, encouraging them to remain loyal to your brand.

Start A Trend

Be a conversation starter. A trend setter. An influencer.

Starting up a fresh trend is a great way of getting your members to engage. Come up with a hashtag, define what you want to see from the users, and feature the best entries. So if you’re a fitness guru that’s just launched a line of gym clothes, ask your members to post a selfie of themselves in their new gear using your exclusive hashtag. You could then feature their photo and encourage other users to check out their socials (or make it a competition for maximum engagement!)

Always Communicate

It won’t be long before users are posting on their own accord, so you’ll need to be prepared to join in on the conversation to show your members that you’re grateful for their custom.. Whether it’s someone asking a question about the brand or a member looking for advice on which product to go for, always being on hand to help will make a fantastic first impression. 

Go ahead and start building your online community today with Padoq. Download the app here!

If you want to take your brand’s community a step further, take a look at “Powered by Padoq.” You could own a bespoke app built on a world class infrastructure. Email for more information. 

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