How To Build A World-Class App With No Code

Ever wondered how to build a successful native app without a single line of code? 

Well now you have the answer: Padoq’s world-class platform.

In as little as six weeks, your app will go live. 

No matter your specification, we tailor our existing features and build bespoke solutions to match your business model. Here’s why you should book an initial consultation and leave the rest to us.

Forget Building An App From Scratch

Building an app from scratch isn’t an easy task – our platform can help you unlock your potential. 

Not only do we provide a dedicated account manager, but we also help you save significant costs around app build, maintenance, and support. 

With us, you can own your audience and make additional revenue in no time. 

It’s a no brainer. Let’s explore what Powered By Padoq has to offer.

Event Management

Organising events doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether it’s your entire business or you just need help running the occasional corporate activity, owning an app with event management software will allow you to keep track of who’s coming, who’s paid, and what’s going on.

Scheduling Appointments

It can often feel impossible to choose a time and a place that works for everybody. Something always comes up. Schedules clash. No shows are constantly spoiling the fun.

Luckily for you, we have a solution. Integrating our scheduling functionality into your native app will enable your customers to choose a time that suits them. From booking a flat viewing to organising an important meeting, every appointment is stored on your in-app calendar.

Audience Polling

Gathering opinions is an important part of business. It provides useful insights and shows your audience that you value their experience. Whether it’s a survey, vote, or review system, we can provide you with polling functionality that will help you understand your audience on another level.

Collecting Payments

With an app powered by Padoq, you can easily make additional revenue. Your customers are much more likely to interact with your brand once they discover you have an app that makes sending payments easier. From an e-Commerce platform to selling tickets for a one-off event, our payment system can help you keep track of your finances, send payment reminders, and set up a subscription service.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is something you should always strive for. Our intelligent customer response functionality allows you to quickly resolve any queries – upon opening your app, members will be able to ask a question, raise a ticket, and request a refund. It’s the personal approach that builds trust with your audience.

Fan Engagement

Looking to keep all of your fans in one place? Our fan engagement apps include member posting, direct chat, subscription services, ticket sales, and events; everything a fan needs in one app. Bring your audience together on a platform where they can bond over their shared interest.


Give your customers the stories they want by building your own newsfeed. With content automation, live feeds, and categories, this useful functionality ensures your audience always get their news on the go.

Building an app from scratch probably isn’t a good idea after all, right? Book your consultation today and we’ll have your app ready to go in just a few weeks – contact us and one of the team will get back to you shortly.