padoq apps for charity

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A branded mobile app for charity makes engagement more effective. From collecting donations, sharing important information, live auctions, event planning and ongoing communications.

Around £10bn is donated to UK charities each year but this is in decline. Additionally, trust in charities also seems to be falling year on year, therefore, creating a community around your charity or cause and engaging regularly can improve understanding of your work, where donations are going and offer you a platform for educating.

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fundraising – donations

  • With 78% of users preferring to access a brand via a mobile app than through a website, as well as an app platform providing 10% more engagement than a traditional web platform. As a result, your own app would be the ideal place to replicate and increase donations to your charity.

  • Padoq can enable in-App donations as either a single contribution or a recurring donation.

fundraising – live auctions

  • The LIVE real-time app feed is a perfect environment to host auctions

  • Padoq offers an automated bid recording tool

  • Accept instant payment at auction end

fundraising – events

  • Easily create events in-app, take payment for the event and manage attendance lists, including automated reminders to unanswered invites.

  • Events are shown on the in-app calendar

communications & engagement

  • Communicate advice and information at any time of the day

  • Provide a community forum for your members

  • Take surveys and polls for market research and insights – become better informed about your contributors and their reasons for support

  • Integrate your current CRM system to enable more effective linked email campaigns

create your own campaigns

  • Padoq for charity gives you the creative flexibility to create campaigns as often as you like reducing the unnecessary costs of using third party social platforms and following their rigid rules and regulations.